10 Innovative Barcelona Startup Gift Ideas

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With less than 4 weeks until the winter holidays, the end-of-year rush is on. We’re all busy getting work done and ensuring we end the year on a high. So amidst all that stress, in good spirits, I decided to save you one big headache – what gifts to buy for your loved ones? 


Obviously, the decision should always be personal, but a little inspiration doesn’t hurt. All my 10 gift 🎁 suggestions are, fittingly, based on products and services from Barcelona startups (and we don’t get any commission by the way).

So here we go:

10 Barcelona Startup Gift Ideas

  1. 🌊 TAPP Water: not sexy but functional: a water filter you attached to your tap and that comes with enough filters to last for a year (with option to auto-deliver a new batch annually); helps you save money, the environment and the pain of having to buy bottled water for the entire household.
  2. 🧼 Freshly Cosmeticsthe typical gift when you have no idea what to get? Cosmetics. What’s better than that? Natural & healthy cosmetics. The firm just raised close to €20M so they must be on to something.
  3. 🎬 Filmin: the Catalan Netflix; support a local startup and the Spanish film industry; plus, if you’re getting this for an expat, they’ll learn much more about the culture and hone their language skills (although some content is available in English I think).
  4. Incapto Coffee: what else? Well, why not Incapto Coffee? Time to say goodbye to wasteful capsules and get the real stuff delivered to your home on a subscription basis.
  5. 🗺️ FlyKube: know someone who loves traveling but finds deciding on a destination as hard as agreeing with the partner on what movie to watch on Netflix? This is the gift for them: a surprise travel trip; they select the dates & two days before the trip they find out where it’s going
  6. ⛰️ Oasis Hunters: not into surprises but still love traveling? Why not go for some high-level rural escape. Double-impact as it supports a local startup and the hospitality sector here.
  7. 😴 Moonoa: sleep better without medication; does it work? I don’t know, but it sounds pretty awesome. If you’ve got a friend that’s into life-hacking, this might be a good fit.
  8. 🎷 Odisei Music: smallest and lightest electronic sax in the world; great for music talents (or couples you want to annoy by bringing something loud into their lives…) 
  9. 💪 Volava: this one is for sporty people but requires bigger pockets & space at home: unlimited workouts from home and a smart training device 
  10. 🛏️ Hannun: sustainable furniture company; don’t worry it has some very affordable options for budget gifts too
  11. Bonus: if you forget to buy a gift, someone arrives last-minute to crash your holiday party unannounced, or if your online purchase simply fails to arrive on time, then remember there is always Glovo to save the day with a last-minute gift delivery

*And whatever you do, don’t give anyone an e-scooter, please! There are too many of them out there already.

Did we miss anything? Let us know here.

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