2 Amazon Pan-European FBA webinars this week(after announcing programs to end for UK)

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Amazon FBA Brexit Bombshell - EFN and Pan-European FBA ends for UK

Somewhat bizarrely following Amazon’s announcement that Amazon UK will no longer be a part of the Amazon European FBA programs (including their European Fulfilment Network and Pan-European FBA) as of the 1st of January 2021, Amazon are holding two webinars this week on selling with Pan-European FBA.

How to grow your business internationally

On Tuesday, the 21st of July, there is the ‘How to grow your business internationally’ webinar designed to inform you how to give your business the chance to be recognised across all the European marketplaces. It will showcase the levers and tools Amazon provides you to perform at your best in an international environment. Special guest, James Wilson, FBA Director for UK Amazon Marketplace Services will host a Q&A.


  1. International reach with Amazon – benefits in a nutshell
  2. International fulfilment programs, what to choose? Overview on Pan-European FBA, European Fulfilment Network
  3. Hear the voice of sellers; success stories all across Europe
  4. VAT made easy: VAT & VISA tool guidance + VAT promos synergy
  5. Amazon tools for listing – BIL
  6. Q&A with special guest, James Wilson, FBA Director for UK Amazon Marketplace Services

You can register for this webinar here.

Sell internationally with Pan-European shipping through Amazon and sales tax services on Amazon.

Thursday, the 23rd of July, the ‘Sell internationally with Pan-European shipping’ webinar will introduce you to all the details of the Amazon Pan-European program and the sales tax services at Amazon. Sales tax services at Amazon are a sales tax compliance solution that enables you to manage your European sales tax registrations and returns.


  1. Overview of Pan-European shipping with Amazon
  2. Advantages and requirements of the program
  3. Sales tax services at Amazon
  4. Q&A

You can register for this webinar here.


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