29 Popular Items To Sell In Autumn 2020

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Prepare your Dropshipping Store on Fall

Autumn, the Fall Season is here and retailers are getting excited preparing fall items to sell for all the events that are about to come this last quarter of the year. As we are getting closer to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, this Fall season could be the busiest, yet the biggest income opportunity for many retailers.

To help you prepare for this busy season, we have come up with a list of popular items to sell in Fall. Products that are just perfect for all the upcoming events. We have curated what’s hot and selling from all over the web using Google trends, Amazon Best Sellers and eBay dropshipping product research to find out the perfect products to sell and add to your store. Let’s get started.   

Top Selling Fall Items – What To Sell?


As the cold season drew in, it’s “in’’ for clothing and apparel to keep us warm. Here are TOP products that consumers are looking for to keep warm in the 2020 fall season.

1. Jackets
2. coats
3. hoodies
4. pullover
5. sweater, sweatshirts

Google Trends fall 2020 items

These warmers are rising in trend in September with coats leading the ranks, followed by jackets, hoodies, pullover, and sweatshirts. These items are a nice addition to your dropshipping store.

6. Pants and Jeans

These two items never go out of style. But this season, the demand is on the rise. They maintain an average search of 1k to 10k in Google, plus it shows at its high this September and it’s expected to even go higher in the next months to come.

7. Gloves
8. socks
9. leggings
10. scarves

Other items that you would like to include under fashion are gloves, thick socks, scarves, and leggings. All these items are showing a rising trend this fall.

11. Boots
12. Shoes

Women and men always have that fondness in boots and shoes especially this cold season. Expect a rise in demand for boots and sneakers. These items are very popular a must-sell in your store.

Toys for Kids

This fall, parents are not forgetting early shopping for kids. Who would forget toys especially that Christmas season is upon us? Here are some toys that you should consider adding to your shop.

13. Play-Doh
14. Nerf Blaster
15. UNO cards
16. Lego Star Wars
17. Mega Bloks

Other toy brands worth considering are LOL Surprise, Little Live Wrapples, Connect 4, and Jenga Classic Games. These toys are best sellers on Amazon. Something worth adding to your store.

Craft Supplies

Craft supplies have surged in the third week of September. Here are items that top Google trends in craft supplies.

18. Scrapbooking materials
19. quilting fabric
20. clay sets
21. cake decorating supplies

These are items under craft supplies that you want to your store. Bestsellers in Amazon under craft supplies also include laminating pouches, hole puncher, picture hanging strips, set of scissors, textured pads, Goo Gone, and more. Visit Amazon bestsellers as updates happen every day, and select one of our suggestions of popular fall products to sell.

 Sports and Outdoors

22. Compression Socks
23. Waist Trainer
24. KT Tape
25. Resistance Band
26. Yoga Mats

These products under Sports and Outdoors are from Amazon Bestsellers. We collated those products that show a rising trend in September.

If we will have a look at one of the aforementioned products, for example, the waist trainer, in ZIK Analytics, the industry-standard software for the product research, and check how it is selling now on eBay, we will get quite impressive results:

ZIK Analytics research results

To put it simply, this product has 103 potential buyers only on eBay! You can definitely consider to sell it this autumn. 

Other popular fall products to sell worth considering are water bottles, hydro flasks, dumbells, and wet wipes.

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Themed Items

It’s not too early to sell themed items. At least, many consumers don’t think so. As early as August, many people are searching the web for themed items to get them ready for upcoming events. After all, the last quarter of the year is filled with holidays and family gatherings. So you must be ready too.

Especially because of these kinds of people. weknowmemes

27. Home decors for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

Consumers are always thinking ahead. They want to shop early to avoid the rush of the holidays. So prepare your shop with decor items intended for major events ahead.

28. Platters and serving ware

With so many events coming, people would like to be prepared for the meals to come. They search high and low for platters and serving ware of all sizes. They are sure to have incoming guests throughout Autumn and the holiday season.

29. Disposables

Paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, and other disposables are high in demand. Consumers are anticipating parties and more gatherings. They don’t want to be washing dishes all the time. So be equipped with disposables in your store too.

We hope you´ve found your future autumn best-selling item among the offered ideas. However, if you want to get more inspiration about what to sell, we welcome you to check our list of profitable trending products for 2020.

Do you have more to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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