Amazon and Royal Mail link broken for 2nd time in a week

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If you are asking what’s going on with Amazon and Royal Mail, you would be forgiven as for the second time in a week the link between Amazon and Royal Mail has broken. Again, following the incident on Tuesday, for some reason orders aren’t being downloaded from Amazon into Click & Drop.


“We have been made aware of an issue at Amazon where orders are not being made available for us to download. We have seen that many Amazon users are experiencing this issue and that it is not related to Click & Drop.

We are attempting to get an ETA from Amazon on when this issue will be resolved by them.”
– Royal Mail

Royal Mail appear to be very clear that this is not a problem on their end and that it’s something that’s gone wrong on Amazon’s end. As with Tuesday’s issue, Royal Mail appear to be saying that they haven’t changed anything or published any software updates and it’s Amazon that have changed something or got a glitch.

Once again, the Amazon and Royal Mail SNAFU in itself probably won’t be your biggest issue – that will be making sure it doesn’t cascade into hitting your Amazon metrics too badly which could have much more severe longer term impacts than simply upsetting a few customers who’s orders don’t arrive tomorrow and having a load of WISMO (Where IS My Order) messages to respond to.

Royal Mail announced the issue shortly after midday this Friday and have yet to post any further updates. We’ll let you know when we hear more and are crossing our fingers this Amazon and Royal Mail is rapidly resolved and permanently.

Amazon and Royal Mail SNAFU update

At around 1.15pm Royal Mail posted the following update:

“Amazon seems to have made a change and orders are now flowing into C&D. We will continue to monitor”
– Royal Mail

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