Amazon expand counterfeit prevention programme to Japan and Australia

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Transparency, a product serialization service that Amazon have created to ensure customers always receive authentic goods and not counterfeit products when shopping in Amazon’s stores is expanding to Japan and Australia.

According to Amazon Transparency allows brands to uniquely identify each unit they produce through the application of unique codes on the product or its packaging. These codes allow Amazon to inspect and authenticate every unit enrolled in Transparency proactively, preventing counterfeits from ever reaching customers. Additionally, customers can use a mobile app to scan the code and verify authenticity regardless of where they purchase the products. To date, Transparency has prevented the shipment of over 500K suspected counterfeits across the enrolled brands.

“By having the Transparency seal on our products, we give consumers confidence that the products they are purchasing for their pets are authentic, effective and formulated as labeled.”
– Spectrum Brands, a Fortune 500 company that owns several pet care companies

The service will now be available in Japan, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the U.S. Amazon plan to continue expanding the counterfeit prevention programme to other locations whilst further developing it with new features to make it simpler to use and easier to enroll into.

“With Transparency, consumers can buy with confidence knowing that the products are authentic and high quality. This program grows confidence in our brand and prevents counterfeits from being delivered to consumers. It’s a win-win for brands and consumers.”
– Sumeet Raj Aggarwal, owner of the small business in India, Petrichor

In February this year, it was found that UK consumers have more trust in Amazon compared to other marketplaces despite Amazon admitting they have a problem with counterfeits. In June Amazon announced their new Counterfeit Crimes Unit to crack down on the small number of dodgy products on the site and in August they announced the expansion of Project Zero, their innovative combination of advanced technology and machine learning helping to drive counterfeits to zero showing Amazon are taking steps to remove counterfeits from their platform.

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