Amazon Fabric Type and new mandatory attributes

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Amazon have made changes to the Fabric Type attribute for clothing products and there are three additional mandatory attribute changes that come in from the 26th of October impacting over 100 other product types.


Amazon Fabric Type

In May Amazon communicated that in order to simplify the listing experience for clothing products on Amazon stores, they would make changes to the listing experience for clothing – fabric type and material composition. These changes have now come into effect:

  1. Replacement of material_composition1 and fabric_type1 by fabric_type1 only.
  2. Performance of validation checks on values submitted in fabric_type1.

Fabric type (previously material composition), say Amazon, is an important attribute for search relevance, refinements and product evaluation.

The fabric_type1 attribute is now mandatory, and the material_composition1 attribute is no longer available in the listing experience. New listings must be submitted with material composition values in fabric_type1 Amazon say that they have copied over values between existing fabric_type1 and material_composition1, so it’s worth reviewing your values.

You should now be using the fabric_type1 attribute to submit composition of material for clothing products in the valid format. For more information on how to use the fabric_type1 attribute, see the Material composition for clothing help page.

3 mandatory attributes from 26th October

From the 26th of October 2021, Amazon are introducing the following three mandatory attributes for listings created one at a time or in bulk.

  • Net Content: A new attribute set for eight Product Types
  • Item Form: A previously optional attribute that will become mandatory for 86 Product Types
  • Number of Items: A previously optional attribute that will become mandatory for 154Product Types

With these changes, all ASINs for select Product Types must have these attributes populated when you submit new ASINs or update existing ASINs.

Failure to populate these mandatory attributes will prevent any new selection creation in the relevant Product Types after the 26th of October 2021. Note that this will not de-list any selection that you have listed previously. However, to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers, Amazon strongly recommend that you update this information on existing listings. If you have ASINs in your inventory in any of the select Product Types that don’t have an ‘Item Form’ or ‘Number of Items’ value, you can begin updating these attributes now.

Amazon are also adjusting the allowed values for the Unit Count Type attribute for 138 Product Types. For more information, see Net Content, Item Form, and Number of Items attributes details page.

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