Amazon FBA Heavy and Bulky launches April 1st

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If you sell big expensive items then there’s good news. Amazon are launching Heavy and Bulky in the UK from the 1st of April with massively increased dimension and weight allowances. This will enable sellers of furniture, white goods, bikes, treadmills and the like to pop stock into FBA and leave Amazon to fulfil.

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“Heavy and bulky FBA selection will benefit from enhanced delivery options, designed to delight our customers with speed and convenience. Participating products will offer Scheduled delivery and Room of Choice delivery services where available.

We inform customers of the available delivery services via Product detail page messages, in addition to highlighting that their items will be Fulfilled by Amazon.”
– Amazon

The Heavy and Bulky maximum dimensions and weight criteria for FBA will increase in the big five European countries – United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This will allow you to use FBA to fulfil domestic customer orders on single-box, Amazon Barcoded selection that meets Heavy and bulky criteria

New Heavy and Bulky dimensions will allow for items over the large and heavy limits of 175cm Length, heavier than 31.5kg Weight or fatter than a 360cm Girth. The new maximum dimensions appear to be up to 300cm in Length with no Girth limit (but in France, Italy and Spain up to 662cm Length). Weights of up to 140kg in the UK and a truly humongous 300kg in France appear to be acceptable. Refer to the Amazon help page for Weight and Dimensions by country.

This is not going to be a cheap program with a £15 referral fee on top of fulfilment fees so will only work for products with deep margins. However if your inventory fits the profile that makes the numbers work then you can benefit from the increased Amazon search exposure that comes from having products in FBA.

Some FBA services (such as Pan-European FBA and the European Fulfilment Network) are not currently available for Heavy and bulky FBA items (and indeed no longer available to stock in Amazon UK warehouses at all due to Brexit!). You will also need to ensure your items are correctly prepared and labelled for Heavy and bulky FBA.

If you’re interested in finding out more, there is a help page with details of how to participate in the Heavy and Bulky programme.

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