Amazon FBA In-Stock Head Start now live in UK

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Amazon In-Stock Head Start Pilot Program

Amazon have launched a new programme which is designed to enable you to carry on selling even if your product goes out of stock. Known as the Amazon In-Stock Head Start programme, it gives merchants the option of selling products in advance of them arriving at Amazon’s FBA warehouse.

Ideally, you’ll have an inventory management forecasting programme or be engaged in manual inventory forecasting. Best practice is not to wait until you sell out, but to reorder stock so that it arrives before your last remaining inventory sells but in the current climate it’s not unusual to be caught out as sales hit record highs and products fly off the virtual shelves.

The Amazon In-Stock Head Start programme will make your out of stock products discoverable on Amazon and available for customers to find and buy once your shipment is on it’s way and Amazon are confident about it’s arrival date. This will generally mean using Amazon Partnered Carriers to schedule a pickup. Once the pickup has occured Amazon know the products are on their way and the In-Stock Head Start program can kick in.

The In-Stock Head Start programme is now live and customers will start seeing a wider selection of products to purchase. You could see increased traffic to your product detail pages, higher or more consistent sales, and better inventory productivity.

For more details, Visit the Amazon FBA In-Stock Head Start programme programme page to get all of the details and see if your products qualify.

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