Amazon France click & Collect from partner stores considered

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Amazon are exploring the possibility to create a Click & Collect feature that enable our customers to order on Amazon France and pick up the product in the Selling Partner store. This Amazon France click & Collect feature is currently being surveyed amongst sellers to garner feedback prior to being fully developed.


This is a really interesting development for retailers and brands who have physical stores as it will be the first time that selling on Amazon would give the capability to attract consumers into their stores to collect Amazon purchases. It’s unclear at the moment if it would be limited to collecting products sold by the retailer who is offering Amazon France click & Collect, or if it could include all products sold on Amazon France.

This is by no means a totally new concept – eBay pioneered click & collect in store with Argos, who offer collection of their own products and through the wider eBay click & collect program enabled consumers to collect products regardless of who the eBay seller might be.

For retailers, this offers the ability to leverage their real estate investment and increase footfall in their stores and could offer Amazon access to thousands of click and collect locations across the entire country of France. Whilst there is obvious appeal for large retailers, there is also the interesting opportunity for small independent retailers with perhaps only a single store location to also offer the service raising their local profile with Amazon shoppers who live in their locality.

Currently Amazon are gathering feedback to assess the likely take up from selling partners and to establish which have physical stores which could become an Amazon collection location. We’ll be watching with interest to see if the programme is launched and becomes available to merchants to sign up to participate and to consumers for convenient local collection of their Amazon purchases.

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