Amazon new automated removal settings for stranded inventory

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Amazon have new automated removal settings to help you manage your stranded FBA inventory stored in the EU & UK post-Brexit.


Stranded inventory is an inventory at a fulfilment centre that does not have an active offer on Amazon. Inventory can become stranded because of a variety of reasons. For example, the listing for that product may have been suppressed or may have never been created, resulting in stored inventory that is accumulating storage fees but that cannot be sold because the listing is not active.

Inventory that is has a future listing sell date or is under hazmat review is not currently considered stranded.

Your options for stranded inventory are:

  • Relist
  • For products that have been listed previously but do not have an active offer, click on Add a Product in the Inventory drop-down menu to create an offer. If you see a message indicating that your product is already listed but needs to be edited, click the provided link to update your listing.

  • Change to Fulfilled by Amazon
  • If you have an offer, but it is for a product that you fulfil yourself, none of your FBA inventory for that product will be available for sale. On your Manage Inventory page, select the product and click on Change to Fulfilled by Amazon in the Action drop-down menu to enable FBA to pick, pack and ship those products.

  • Create a new listing
  • If you have FBA inventory of a product that has never been listed, create a listing for your SKU by clicking on Add a Product in the Inventory drop-down menu.

  • Create removal order
  • For products that you no longer want to sell, go to the Manage FBA Inventory page, select the product, and choose Create Removal Order from the drop-down menu on top.

New automated removal settings

With Amazon’s new automated removal settings you can:

  • Input a local return address for inventory stored in the UK, and a separate local return address for inventory stored in EU countries.
  • Input a local return address for inventory stored in the UK, and opt to dispose of inventory stored in EU countries where you do not have a local return address (and vice versa).
  • Opt to dispose of inventory stored in the UK and other EU countries.

To check and update your current automated settings, go to Manage Inventory -> Fix Stranded Inventory -> Edit automatic action settings. In the pop-up window, you can select whether you would like your stranded inventory returned to you or disposed of, and edit the ‘Days before automatic removal’ setting to speed up automatic removals.

If you do not have a local return address saved, the dispose option gets selected for you as your default setting and you will be asked to confirm it in the settings when you log in to Fix Stranded Inventory page for the first time. Update your settings before the 15th of August 2021 to your preferred configuration.

To avoid stranded products from being disposed, choose seller returns over disposal. If you do not have a local return address, you can use the Amazon Service Provider Network to connect with trusted, local providers who can help with international shipping or storage space of your inventory. You will be responsible for negotiating rates, contracts and delivery schedules with these suppliers.

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