Amazon Poland launch details for merchants

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Amazon Poland is to go live in the near future with merchants already given a heads up, marking the start of some serious competition for the incumbent favourite Polish marketplace Allegro. Previously Polish shoppers wishing to purchase on Amazon would have used the German site.


One might think a new language site (Polish) with a new currency (Polish Złoty) might be a serious challenge, but let’s not forget that Amazon has been operating in Poland since 2014 and already have 9 fulfilment sites in the country (and are building a 10th in Swiebodzin), staffed by over 18,000 permanent workers, which have hitherto been used to fulfil orders into Germany and the rest of the EU. Poland is perhaps the best prepared Amazon have ever been to launch a new country site and have fulfilment up and running from Day One.

You should find Seller Central Poland is now available to you as a new country option in your EU Seller account. Amazon will synchronise your eligible product selection with your Seller Central account for Poland to make your products available to Polish customers upon the launch of You can then of course revise your synchronised selection and will be able to adjust your product prices.

Amazon Poland Vat liabilities

If are enrolled in Pan-European FBA and/or the Central Europe Programme and you have thus given Amazon consent to store your inventory in Amazon Fulfilment Centres in Poland, the product selection that is synchronised on will be subject to Polish VAT.

All products stored in Amazon Fulfilment Centres in Poland as part of the domestic FBA programme will be subject to Polish VAT as well.

Learn more about selling on

You will likely have questions about launching on the new Polish site to prepare for when it goes lives to consumers. For more in depth information, Amazon are holding a webinar on Thursday the 18th of February so sign up if you intend to sell on

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