Amazon Prime Day 2020 India 6/7th August… but rest of the world must wait

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 India 6-7th August

Amazon Prime Day 2020 will run in India on the 6th to 7th of August but for the first time ever it won’t be a global event. Don’t worry however, Amazon Prime Day 2020 will still come to the rest of the world, just later in the year.

“Over the last five years, Prime Day has become a special celebration and time for Prime members to shop incredible deals for themselves and for friends and family – and it’s something we look forward to every year. This year we’ll be holding Prime Day later than usual, while ensuring the safety of our employees and supporting our customers and selling partners. We are excited Prime members in India will see savings on August 6-7, and that members all around the world will experience Prime Day later this year. We look forward to sharing more details soon.”
– Amazon Spokesperson

Every indication is that Amazon Prime Day 2020 in the UK, EU and US is now likely to run in October which is three month’s later than it’s normal July appearance. It’s going to be a very busy Q4 with Amazon Prime Day 2020, Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the end of November and then Christmas in December so get set for the ride of your life towards the end of the year… before the Brexit Transition agreement comes to an end and in January everything from Amazon FBA between the UK and EU, a new tariffs and customs border is erected and marketplaces in the UK start to collect VAT on sales from all overseas sellers on behalf of HMRC.

For many sellers, 2020 has been a bumper year where they have prospered through the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. For others it’s been a quite frankly terrible first six months of the year with business close to (and in some cases actually) zero for the past three months. A bumper Q4 is not only needed to recoup some of the losses during the pandemic but to build up a war chest to prepare for a bumpy start to 2021 as Brexit finally unravels 50 years membership of the European economic project.

If you’re not already planning for sales around Amazon Prime Day 2020, it’s probably too late to become involved in the official deals but it’s never too late to ride on the coat tails of Amazon and sales will flow over onto non-Prime Day deals. Start preparing your campaigns, plan for which products you’ll apply discounts or Amazon Advertising and get ready to sell again.


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