Amazon Shipping Settings Automation for MFN

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Amazon Shipping Settings Automation is a new, powerful tool that helps you to provide an accurate delivery promise to your customers on your non-Prime domestic orders. You no longer need to spend time manually calculating your transit times with Shipping Settings Automation. Amazon calculates and optimizes transit times for you with just a few clicks. You simply need to indicate where you ship from and which carriers and ship methods you use in your shipping templates. By enabling this feature, you can benefit from more accurate and faster transit times.


Shipping Settings Automation supports:

  • Transit time automation for domestic self-fulfilled standard shipping.
  • Shipping region automation for domestic seller-fulfilled Prime one-day shipping and two-day shipping.

How to enable Amazon Shipping Settings Automation

Activating Shipping Settings Automation should only take a few minutes, and you can deactivate it at any time. You can enable Shipping Settings Automation by creating or updating a shipping template.

The one thing you need to be aware of is that you can’t then switch service. When you receive orders that are linked to a Shipping Settings Automation enabled template, you are required to use the shipping services you selected (or any shipping service that can meet the actual delivery promise) to avoid missing the delivery promise to customers.

Tell Amazon what you think

As part of Amazon’s ongoing effort to provide better services and support they would like your feedback on Amazon Shipping Settings Automation. There’s a survey powered by Qualtrics to let them know your thoughts and if you complete the survey you will also get the opportunity to register your interest for future Shipping Settings Automation seminars if they are relevant to you.

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