Amazon Sponsored Ads Strategy webinar series

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This week you have an opportunity to hone your Amazon Sponsored Ads strategy starting from the basics and building through to more complex strategies including Sponsored Brand video ads. Some of the sessions are suitable for those that have never advertised on Amazon before whilst others will appeal to brands and retailers interested in expanding their Amazon Sponsored Ads strategy making full use of the suite of tools Amazon have to offer.

These four webinars will walk you through everything from starting a campaign, targeting, video ads and managing your campaigns:

Amazon Sponsored Ads Strategy webinars


Next steps for success with sponsored ads

  • 2pm 16th August
  • Suitable for: Beginners

Learn how to start manual targeting, develop your keyword strategy, set strong bids and budgets, and analyse your reports so you can optimise your campaigns.


Introduction to campaign targeting methods

  • 2pm 17th August
  • Suitable for: Beginner

In this webinar, Amazon will explore different targeting methods —automatic, keyword, and product— and show you how and when to use these methods to maximise campaign performance.


Stand out in shopping results with Sponsored Brands video

  • 10.30pm 18th August
  • Suitable for: Intermediate

Learn tips to launch your first ad. Amazon will show you how to create a short, impactful video showcasing your top-selling products for sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.


Understanding your Sponsored Products campaign organisation

  • 2pm 19th August
  • Suitable for: Intermediate

Amazon will go over the different levels of Sponsored Products campaign management within Amazon Advertising console, and provide an in depth look at portfolios and how to strategically use ad groups within your campaigns.

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