Camera bag brand wont be beaten by Amazon Basics lookalike

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Peak Design, a company known for their specialist bags refuse to be beaten by an Amazon Basics lookalike of their ‘everyday sling’ Camera bag. A new parody video released by the company has given them amazing publicity and sales and according to Peter Dering CEO and founder of Peak Design the experience has not been disappointing as they were able to turn the situation into a win.

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The Amazon Basics range is expanding massively and we’ve heard from many sellers who have created successful products before Amazon brings a strikingly similar product to their basics range.

According to the reports, seeing an Amazon Basics lookalike was initially a shock but they soon realised that rather than getting angry they could get even by creating a video that showed the differences between their product and Amazon’s product. The video ended up being a viral success and racked up over 4.5 million views getting the company the recognition they desired.

The product in question, with an alleged similar design to Peak Design’s best-seller ‘Everyday sling‘ can be found on Amazon Basics. As can be seen in the video, it was previously titled as an ‘everyday sling’ but is now simply called ‘Amazon Basics Camera Bag.’ Take a look at the video below which and see for yourself exactly how Peak Design got even with Amazon.

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