Carl “The Moon” shares Bitcoin fundamentals and price predictions for 2021

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Ask ten crypto proponents about the prices of Bitcoin a year from now and you’re likely to hear ten widely different answers. Some use astrology, some use technical analysis, and some use on-chain voodoo art for their predictions.

One such proponent is ‘Carl the Moon,’ a popular crypto investor and educator who runs a YouTube channel about Bitcoin news and is known for his easy-to-watch technical analysis videos for Bitcoin newcomers.

Today, Carl caught up with Alex Fazel, the host of crypto edutainment channel Cryptonites, to discuss all things crypto, Bitcoin, price targets for 2021, the ‘Law of Attraction,’ and the entrance of institutions into the crypto space.

Here’s a snippet of what they said!

On ‘Law of Attraction’

“I think the most important thing is to put down goals, you have to write down goals and keep your goals in your mind. And make sure that you actually have intentions, you reach the goals, if you just write it down, if you leave it, like it’s not gonna work, you have to like to write it down and really believe that this is the goal that you’re going after.”

“And believe that it’s possible. Because if you believe that it’s possible that it is actually possible. Most people think that making a million dollars, it’s not for them, they think it’s something that only happens to lucky people.”

“All successful people, all billionaires, athletes, and famous musicians, many of them, most of them, always say that they are visualizing their goals. They keep a very clear vivid image of what they want in their mind. And, this will help to attract more of this into your life.”

Why build in crypto?

“I believe that in crypto, it’s possible to make money easier than any other business or niche we’ve ever seen before. I mean, it’s kind of nothing like the .com. But this is even bigger, much bigger, because it’s so global and so widespread or like the potential right. So I think that we have the potential to make this huge generational wealth kind of thing where we can definitely just provide for generations to come in our family.”

“I think that’s an interesting thing. Like I want to be able to provide for my family and like all my close people, and I mean, I guess I can already do it.”

“But I think it’s very, very interesting that we have this opportunity now to build a business in this niche that is going to go 10x, 100x and that’s why I’m positioning myself now as already successful when it’s small.”

“Imagine When crypto goes 100x, my business will also grow 100x simply because the crypto space is going 100x so it’s a very cool opportunity. I’m happy to be here.”

(Catch the rest of the exciting CryptoNites podcast with Carl’s thoughts on Bitcoin prices, DeFi, and other trending topics right below!)

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