Is 15% Weekly Passive BTC Income Possible With CashFX Group?

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Is CashFX Passive Bitcoin Investing real passive opportunity? In the era of digital trading, numerous online platforms perform trading activities in the FX markets – but CashFX Group (CashFX) is proud to introduce an exchange that provides a Trade Academy to teach Forex traders useful techniques and create solid profits. In nutshell you deposit BTC, CashFX converts to FIAT and trades on Forex ( they offer live stream of trades)


How Does CashFX Make You Money?
Basically, CashFX’s members will deposit and withdraw Bitcoin that will be multiplied by CashFX’s prop trading operations. After that, clients have two options, either allow professional brokers to run trading portfolios their behalf or take the Academy program to equip themselves with the knowledge that can be used to manage their own FX positions.

CashFX’s Academy curriculum consists of three progressive programs, which are Elemental, Supreme, and Advanced. Each program comes with a range of packages, in which 70% of the investment will be deployed into trading, while the other 30% is used to purchasing educational material.

The 30% that is set aside for education will go into the sharing system, and is actually is redistributed to members.Ideally, members have investment principle that varies from $300 up to $100,000. This capital opens the door for people to enter the Forex market and make profits with the help of professionals.

When a member buys a more expensive package, they automatically gain access to any of the lower packages, which enables loads of learning for CashFX members. CashFX is the only trading platform that is willing to guarantee a stable return for its members, which is unique in the industry.

CashFX members can regularly receive passive earnings of 15% per week – and these returns can rise to 200% – 400% based upon the amount on deposit. CashFX also offers a variety of different profit options to diversify its members’ opportunities to become more affluent.

Here are some of the reward plans CashFX members can choose from:

Bear capital

If someone purchases a package and does not want to join the referral program, theoretically, they can earn up to 10% to 15% per week from 70% of the purchased package that is traded by the platform’s prop brokers. Imagine receiving 10% to 15% in passive income a week, only for buying and learning from an established platform. Accounts are credited every Saturday at 12AM. You may withdraw any amount above $100 directly to your BTC wallet. Here are couple screenshots showing recent withdrawals withdrawal 1, withdrawal 2

Bull capital

In case a member wishes to join the referral program, once they successfully refer another person and purchase any trade contract, they will receive double the amount that can be earned in the bear capital plan.

Specifically, 30% of the package investment that is equally divided for referrer bonus (Fast Start) and team bonus (Uni-level). That’s how the reward plan works and grants the same opportunities for members to introduce new registers.


Leadership Program and Uni-level Bonus

Each curriculum package, from Elemental to Supreme and Advanced provides members with Leadership program points. These points are used to upgrade a member’s rank and also be qualified for higher Uni-level bonuses in CashFX’s referral program.

When a member chooses to participate in the referral program and keeps the team growing, they can raise the Leadership rank and earn more bonuses. There are 10 basic levels of growth from 1 to 10, then from 11 to infinity. Each level earns an additional percentage of bonuses out of the referral program.

At first, normal referrers start at level 1 to 4 with a bonus rate of 10%.
Level 5 and 6 are ranked Executive with an extra 20% bonus.
The next two levels, 7 and 8, provide more 5% bonus and members become a Manager.
The Director level is activated for level 9 with an added 5% bonus.
President opens level 10 and an extra 5%. After that, from level 11 to infinity honor members with Ambassador titles, with additional 1.5%-2% bonuses depending on their progression.


Built for Profits

CashFX offers attractive gifts upon each ranking upgrade and those rewards’ value increases in accordance with levels. In particular, an Executive receives an iPad, Managers get a Rolex and Directors can enjoy a trip for two that is worth $15,000 USD. More exciting prizes await higher ranks, a Porsche for President level, a Ferrari for Ambassador level, and a Lamborghini for Global Ambassador. These are surely a huge motivation for CashFX’s members to throw their hearts into building a team and expanding it.


CashFX Was Created to Generate Wealth
CashFX was originally established in Panama, it was spread internationally to multiple countries with the aim to bring the foreign exchange trading to every individual and family all over the world, by offering them a high-quality training program and marketing tools to achieve financial successes for themselves.

With a series of global events taking place in Malaysia, the Philippines, Macau, China, Poland, the Netherlands, and London, CashFX has drawn huge attention from thousands of members and this number is undoubtedly on the rise.

CashFX’s founders, Huascar Lopez and Edwin Abad came from the Dominican Republic. They are also supported by respected tech entrepreneur and investor heavy hitter Ron Pope, Co-Founder & President/CEO from The Conversion Pros, Inc (“TCP”).

Both of these bright people possess deep and professional entrepreneurship in numerous business sectors, including FX trading, network marketing, technology, cryptocurrencies, and have immense experience working with multinational corporations. With their expertise and vision, CashFX endeavors to complete the mission to enhance financial security and prosperity for everyone. If you are interested in getting into the FX market, CashFX could make sense for you.


Residual Matrix Bonus

  • Forced Matrix 3×10 is a typical bonus mechanism CashFX offers to its members.
  • Every time members withdraw money, 20% of withdrawal fee will be distributed back to the system, in 3 different types:
  • 50% of it for Matrix Bonus
  • 10% for Matching Matrix Bonus
  • 10% for Leadership Rank Bonus.

In other words, Forced Matrix is a powerful network marketing leverage that pushes dynamic team building.

Free registration – Exclusive promotions (not available in all countries)

In addition to the benefits outlined above, every person can easily register with CashFX without any fees and participate in a huge promotional package.

The package includes a minimum of 8% cashback, equivalent to as much as 11,500 Bitcoins as well as a Special Spot in the forced matrix as well as other special offers.



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