Delivery Speed Metrics Dashboard for Amazon SFP

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Amazon have announced the launch of Delivery Speed Metrics dashboard that gives you an overview of product detail page views (displayed as One-day or Two-day delivery promise) for your Seller Fulfilled Prime offers. You can use the dashboard to:


  • Monitor and improve Delivery Speed Metrics
  • The dashboard allows you to monitor and improve Prime speed performance by measuring your product detail page views. The metrics indicates the percentage of your products’ detail page views with a delivery speed of less than or equal to (≤) 1-day, less than or equal to (≤) 2-day, and greater than (>) 2-day.

  • Download Speed Report
  • The speed report shows the list of Seller Fulfilled Prime offers you listed on Amazon and the number of detail page views for each delivery promise speed that are less than or equal to (≤) 1-day, less than or equal to (≤) 2-day, and greater than (>) 2-day.

The Delivery Speed Metrics Dashboard shows the delivery speed of your offers based on your order fulfilment and shipping template settings and does not include the effect of additional transit time padding from poor carrier performance.

Delivery Speed Metrics Dashboard FAQ

Do you need to maintain any specific delivery speed target to maintain enrollment for Seller Fulfilled Prime program?

There is no delivery speed target you need to achieve to maintain the Seller Fulfilled Prime status. However, Amazon recommend that you aim to maintain a high one-day and two-day delivery promise bar on your Prime offers for better customer experience.

Do I need to take any action after this dashboard launch?

The launch of the Delivery Speed Metrics will not automatically change any of your current account settings. You can view the recommendations section in Delivery Speed Metrics dashboard to help improve your Prime speed performance and increase =1-day SFP detail page views.

Amazon Help pages to learn more on Delivery Speed Metrics and Speed report

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