Fast Market Silver Policy

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Beginning today our company is enacting a fast market policy for silver. We expect spot prices to rise rapidly, and premiums to also rise rapidly. The premiums posted on our website will most probably continue to rise and may not necessarily reflect current premiums at the time you contact our office.

We will be serving existing clients first and will do our best to accommodate new clients as we are able. In all cases, we will limit order quantities in an attempt to serve as many of our existing customers as possible.

All orders will be required to be paid by same day federal reserve bank wire transfer or by overnight check. Unfortunately, we will not be unable to make any exceptions.  Orders not paid same day by wire transfer or next day by overnight check will be canceled at our discretion.

We expect our call volume to exceed our ability to immediately answer calls and/or return calls in a timely manner. We suggest that you leave a message with our answering service and/or send an email to . We will do our best to return all calls, but please know that we may not be able to return all calls in a timely manner.

Finally, these are unprecedented times. But please also bear in mind that for long time silver buyers, this is exactly the time we’ve waited for! Be thankful that you have the silver position that you already do, and if we’re able to help you add to it, we’ll do everything in our power to do so.

Thank you and God bless you, John and Lynn Fisher

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