Former OnlyFans employees would have access to user and creator information, according to Vice

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Do you use OnlyFans? According to a Vice report, some former employees of the content company would still have access to information about user accounts and creators of the platform.

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The data could include financial information from credit cards, bank statements, identification such as driver’s licenses, full names, addresses, user IDs, how much you earned and paid, among others.

According to the source of the outlet, who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, this is possible because some of the former workers would still have access to Zendesk, a service software that allows you to track and respond to customer support tickets. .

The exclusive content platform uses this software to communicate with both its creators and users. According to Vice , their investigators were able to corroborate these statements with the access of more than one employee.

So far the company has not issued any comment or statement in this regard.


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