From $1,000 to Over $10,000 Revenue Per Month: How These Stores Grew So Quickly

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Grow from $1,000 to $10,000 in sales revenue every month?

You may think it is IMPOSSIBLE.

But some guys think it is POSSIBLE, and actually, they made it POSSIBLE.

Today we’ll introduce you some of these ‘some guys’ who grew their eCommerce stores at speed, from just $1,000 revenue per month.

1. Orglamix

Chery Tracy started her first online store Orglamix in 2011. At that time, she sold one organic eyeshadow product and got instant success. Today Orglamix has a collection of over 600 natural products and a monthly subscription box.

Here is what she did:

#1 Offer a gift card for first-time customers

Orglamix displays a compelling Get 10% Off icon at the left top of the home page. They use an action color for this button, which stands out and commands attention immediately.

Click the icon, and you’ll see this popup that appears on every page (excluding the checkout page). It has a compelling call to action button (CTA) and provides detailed information about rules to get the gift card.

Keep an eye on the way Orglamix writes the Details section. They use power words to add urgency and scarcity, so first-time customers possibly feel encouraged to enter their email to receive the promo code.

You can use Boost Convert to create your gift card icon and popup.

#2 Build trust with sales notifications

Talking about using social proof, Orglamix is the master. Why? Because they make use of social proof in a way that it’s hard to find any other eCommerce stores do better than them.

First, they show live sales notifications at the bottom left of the site. Every time someone buys an item from them, a notification will appear like this:

Second, they turn media coverage to their advantage by showing it at the bottom of the page:

Third, each product page includes the Customer Reviews section, where they display all reviews from their bought customers.

By leveraging social proof, Orglamix makes their potential customers feel more comfortable to buy from them. Perhaps you think notifications are annoying, but you’ll change your mind once you use it, as Chery said, ‘I personally found it annoying on other sites until I installed it on mine! It works.’

#3 Run a point loyalty program to reward fans

There is the green Rewards button at the bottom of every Orglamix page (excluding the checkout page). Click the button, and you’ll see this popup:

This popup allows you to join the Orglamix Rewards program and start earning fabulous rewards from them. You can create an account, share Orglamix with your friends, or like their social media.

By doing so, Orglamix brings more value to their loyal customers and optimize word of mouth marketing to do branding.

2. Modern Producers

Modern Producers is an eCommerce store for music producers. They sell a variety of products like drum kits, loop packs, sample collections, vocal services, etc. They send out about 1000 orders every month and will hit their 10,000th order soon.

Here is what they did:

#1 Apply upselling and cross-selling marketing

When customers add a product to cart, Modern Producers shows a Quick View to upsell and cross-sell other products, like this:

This way, Modern Producers can sell more to existing customers, which thus helps increase their average order value (AOV).

If you want to upsell and cross-sell products the same way as Modern Producers does, you can use Boost Sales.

#2 Create personalized recommendations to target the right customers

Personalized recommendations help Amazon increase 35% purchases. They are great to upsell and cross-sell products to the right customers at the right time, which leads to recurring additional sales without any effort.

Modern Producers applied this technique to their store, and they did it so well.

If you want to increase your AOV, try Personalized Recommendation. This app offers many types of recommendations, for example, Bought this also bought, Bestsellers of the store, or Recently viewed & featured recommendations.

3. The Medical Mommas

Wanted all-natural and free-of-toxin products to use for families but couldn’t find any that fulfilled expectations, Holy and Tiffany decided to make their own and create The Medical Mommas store to sell the products. Over the years, they have built a strong customer base and increased their revenue by 65%.

Here is what they did:

#1 Encourage customers to buy using urgency

On each product page, The Medical Mommas shows a countdown timer to push customers to act immediately before the deal ends.

People want to have what they don’t want. And, if they know they don’t have much time left, they’re more likely to take action immediately. That’s why urgency marketing works.

#2 Make use of social proof to build trust

The Medical Mommas does an excellent job of using social proof to build trust with shoppers. They show the number of visitors who have viewed a product or added it to their cart or purchased it. These figures appear in a small widget on the left of any product page.

#3 Create a gamified popup to invite shoppers to play and win

Some people said that win-wheel popups suck!

But let us tell you something:

This ‘terrible’ gamified popup has brought The Medical Mommas a vast number of emails. With those emails, they continue to send relevant info, humor, deals, etc. to build a community.

See? A popup has never been annoying if you use it rightly.

If you still don’t have a SiteKit account, click here to get it for free and start creating a play-to-win shopping experience for your shoppers.

4. Devon Maryn

Devon Maryn sells athletic clothing for women like yoga pants, shorts, tops, and tees. Over the past two years alone, they had a growth rate of 300%, and their traffic site increases every day.

Here’s what they did:

#1 Build a follower base to sell on Instagram

Devon Maryn is very active on social sites. Focusing on Instagram was their way to get the first sale when they started the store. They tried to run giveaway contests and asked design feedback to engage with fans. Now they have over 13,000 followers on Instagram, and this number continues to grow.

They even engaged with fans by commenting on their influencer’s post. They gave thanks and offer the best deal to motivate followers to check out their store. “Go where your customers are,” as Devon Mish, the founder said.


#2 Work with bloggers

Devon Maryn never sticks to a marketing tactic. Instead, they keep up with changes in the industry to map out an effective marketing strategy. Need proof? They not only partner with social media influencers but also bloggers.

Source: Summer Wind

Devon Maryn asked some bloggers to write a review article about them. At first, they worked with well-known bloggers and got good traffic. But after a while, they realized this tactic brought a few sales. Then, they switched to niche bloggers, and the result was excellent.

5. Grin Natural

Grin Natural is a 100% chemical-free New Zealand-made toothpaste brand. They focus on creating natural and healthy products for people, as well as making their products friendly to the environment.

Here is what they did:

#1 Use smart bars to advertise the offer and draw shoppers’ attention

Grin Natural shows a smart bar at the bottom of the page to announce their fast and free delivery service for all orders above $20.

They use contrasting colors for the CTA and the bar, which makes the smart bar easily noticed.

#2 Show product recommendations to entice customers

Grin Natural uses Quick View to give shoppers a glance of their chosen product and display upselling products.

They also show personalized recommendations on the shopping cart to sell more to a customer:


#3 Hold ambassador club to reward loyal customers

Grin Natural built a great Brands Ambassador rewards program, which helped increase their membership signups by 190.71%. They created a clean, fresh widget and a complete series of rewards that make their customers irresistible.

As a signed-up Brand Ambassador, a customer can access the following rewards:

  • 20 Points – Free travel toothpaste
  • 40 Points – Free toothbrush
  • 40 Points – Free brushing chart
  • 50 Points – $5 off
  • 80 Points – Free cool mint toothpaste
  • 85 Points – Free whitening toothpaste
  • 100 Points – 25% off

To get any of these, the customer can create a Grint Natural account, make an order, like the brand on Facebook or follow the brand on Instagram. It’s easy and quick to earn rewards.

6. NaturallyCurly

NaturallyCurly is where curly hair lovers can share their stories and photos, find helpful tips and reviews, as well as shop for the best products. The brand aims at empowering women through their hair. Cool, right?

So, here is what they did:

#1 Build a community

NaturallyCurly has done a lot of things to grow their community. Now they have:

  • 182K Instagram followers, 628K Facebook fans, 59.3K Twitter followers, and 100K fans on Pinterest.
  • A Style Nook, where people can share inspiring stories, photos, practical advice, and more.
  • And a CurlTalk community with a lot of engagement every day.

On their social media accounts and communities, they encourage members and followers to discuss their brand, write reviews, and give them the best offers that they can’t find anywhere else.

#2 Use exit-intent popups to keep shoppers stay longer

When shoppers are about to leave the store, NaturallyCurly shows this enticing exit-intent popup to keep them stay longer:

To create the same exit-intent popup, you can use Boost Convert. Then, keep in mind the following element:

  • Offer a great deal for shoppers so they can’t say no.
  • Use power words. Notice the words NaturallyCurly used in their popup, like ‘exclusions’, ‘free’.
  • Create a strong CTA. Be specific about what shoppers will get if they click the button.

#3 Run exclusive rewards

NaturallyCurly runs a unique reward program to grow their community and keep fans engaged. They create a beautifully consistent color pallet and branding across the entire store, including even in the reward popup:

This reward program helped them get a 6.7% increase in sales.

7. sells pet-related products. Six months ago, they made sales worth $108,000 in total. They now plan to scale up the store and start the second one at the end of this year.

Here is what they did:

#1 Use scarcity to ‘force’ customers to buy added a countdown timer to let shoppers know how much time they’ve left to buy. They even included a countdown stock to alert shoppers of scarce items. Besides, they use widgets to show the number of visitors viewing an item and the number of sold items to push shoppers to take action more quickly.

#2 Show a 10-second discount popup to entice first-time customers used SiteKit to create a 10-second discount popup to convert visitors into email subscribers… and email subscribers into paying customers.

#3 Use an irresistible exit-intent popup to reduce abandoned carts designed a ‘hail mary’ popup and included a sweet deal to entice shoppers. Using the popup, they reduced their abandoned cart rate by 25%.

This is a smart tactic that you can steal and apply for your store.

Final thought

All of these very successful Shopify stores have one thing in common.

They use marketing tactics that most eCommerce store owners know. They don’t have any other secret hack.

They use popups and smart bars to show offers, include social proof to build trust, add urgency and scarcity to motivate shoppers, upsell and cross-sell products to increase AOV, and run loyalty programs to create a long-lasting relationship with their fans.

You can do these tactics too. Give them a try and let us know if you need any help.

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