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When you are shopping for something online, especially one that requires a substantial amount, do you go through with it without any research?

These days, no one buys anything without looking into it thoroughly because you will be spending your hard-earned money. The same logic should be used when you are hunting for a broker that can help you trade in the financial markets. Trading is quite lucrative, a fact that people have known for years, but were not able to do anything about it due to lots of barriers. However, since trading has shifted online, these barriers have been eradicated, leaving an open field for everyone.

With thousands of financial instruments ready to be traded, you can find a horde of options you want to try. When you have decided to invest in this market, you should know that you would need a broker to connect you to the trading world. This process can be a challenge and not because there are not enough brokers in the market. As a matter of fact, the number of brokers has hit new highs, considering the popularity of online trading. The key is finding an authentic and genuine broker that can truly assist you in your trading journey rather than complicating the process for you.

There are some brokers who are known to do that and you don’t want to sign up with such a broker. You need to tread very carefully when you are exploring your options in order to choose a good option. One of these is Global CTB, a broker catering to global traders after being formed by market professionals. If you are curious about the broker’s offerings, you should take a close and in-depth look at them before signing up:

How to Register?

It is important to know how you have to register with a broker because this will tell you if they are going to make things easy for you or complicated. Some brokers have very lengthy and time consuming registration requirements. Global CTB has not taken this route because their registration procedure is very simple. They only have one form on their website that needs to be completed for registering with them. It asks for your full name, country of residence, date of birth, phone number and your email address and password. Account currencies from GBP, EURO and USD has to be selected and then you can submit your application. You don’t have to wait for approval of any kind.

How to Trade?

Have you ever thought about how a broker enables you to trade? Put simply, they provide a trading platform, which is a software especially designed to facilitate trading. You can use it for opening and closing positions, checking your trading history and also has the tools that are needed for making good trading decisions. Global CTB, like other brokers, offers you a trading platform that they have developed for their clients. It doesn’t have any downloading or installation requirements because it is a WebTrader i.e. accessible through the browser. This makes it a flexible solution because you can access it on any device available to you.

How to Verify your Account?

Account verification is one of the most vital steps that traders need to complete when they wish to trade with a broker and not deal with any hassles. A number of brokers are now asking for verification for protecting their clients as much as possible. Global CTB also has a verification method in place and this is in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) security policies. Under these measures, traders are asked to provide some documentation to give proof of identity and proof of residence. The documents that can be given are:

  • A National ID card, driver’s license or passport for proof of identity. Any one of these documents can be provided.
  • A utility bill, including gas, water or electricity, bank statement or credit card bill for proof of residence. Any one of these can be given, but they should be fairly recent, not older than three months.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals?

In order to start trading, you will have to invest some capital. Where will you deposit this money? It will be deposited in the account you open with Global CTB, but the question is how will you add these funds? Brokers provide various banking methods to their users to enable them to invest as much money as they want and to withdraw their profits when they have made some. You will have to check what options Global CTB has added in order to choose one.

The broker has added bank wire transfers, since a lot of traders prefer to use their bank account directly for making deposits and withdrawals. Debit and credit cards, both Visa and MasterCard, are also supported by the broker. Global CTB does not charge any commissions for deposits, but withdrawals via bank transfer cost $20 and need to be at least $100 to go through. Withdrawal requests are typically approved in 24 hours and processed as quickly as possible whereas deposits are reflected right away.

How to Get Support?

During the course of trading, it is highly likely that you will encounter problems or may have questions or concerns about a process. Where will you find the answer? Unless it is a general trading query, the internet will be of no help to you. In that case, you can visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section on Global CTB’s website. Here, questions that are typically asked by traders, along with their answers, have been compiled by the broker for assisting other traders. If you don’t find your answer here, you have other channels to get in touch with the broker’s team for assistance. You can give them a call on the phone number provided, send an email or just use the live chat option on the website.


Now, you have uncovered the truth in this Global CTB review and can open an account with them to make your foray into the trading world.

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