Gold $€£ 5,000 Per Ounce In “Messy” Global Currency Reset

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GoldCore Research Director Mark O’Byrne speaks to Palisade Radio – Listen Here

The coming currency reset will be a “very messy” process as fiat currencies are devalued significantly versus gold.

It would involve fixing the price of gold at a specific price, like $€£ 5,000 or $€£ 10,000 per ounce and it may happen as soon as this year.

Talking Points From This Episode
 • What a currency reset could look like.
 • Futures manipulation in gold and silver.
 • Targets for gold and the potential in silver.
• Has demand for gold coins and bars really fallen in H1?
 • Very high demand for physical silver and high premiums.
 • Gold market seasonality.

It would likely be a global event involving all fiat currencies including the dollar, the euro and the pound and would occur along with global bank “holidays”.

Banks have been prosecuted and found guilty of futures manipulation, particularly in the gold and silver markets. This artificial price volatility can and has discouraged investors from entering the market.

Physical demand is now much higher globally, with premiums skyrocketing across the entire supply chain.

Mark O’Byrne is Director and a founder of GoldCore, which was founded in 2003. He is a staunch believer that due to today’s significant macroeconomic and geopolitical risks, saving and investing a portion of one’s wealth in gold bullion in the safest ways is prudent.


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19-Aug-20 1993.15 1981.00 1504.23 1498.63 1668.47 1658.30
18-Aug-20 2005.15 2008.75 1522.51 1517.61 1684.53 1680.52
17-Aug-20 1949.85 1972.85 1488.13 1505.68 1645.87 1661.53
14-Aug-20 1948.30 1944.75 1491.42 1482.09 1653.33 1643.31
13-Aug-20 1931.00 1944.25 1476.06 1482.30 1632.47 1640.17
12-Aug-20 1931.70 1931.90 1479.10 1483.70 1642.14 1640.57
11-Aug-20 1996.60 1939.65 1524.40 1479.57 1694.51 1646.76
10-Aug-20 2030.30 2044.50 1552.98 1561.38 1725.35 1734.96
07-Aug-20 2061.50 2031.15 1574.37 1559.52 1743.82 1726.88
06-Aug-20 2049.15 2067.15 1555.30 1569.59 1728.87 1743.43
05-Aug-20 2034.45 2048.15 1553.30 1558.03 1718.09 1722.90
04-Aug-20 1972.25 1977.90 1508.77 1519.62 1671.09 1686.56


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