[GoldCore TV] Louis Gave -How to Prepare for the Coming Crash

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  • The real global economic impact of Covid19
  • Much higher inflation triggered by unprecedented money printing
  • Why money will continue to flow East
  • Why the dollar is set to weaken considerably
  • Why you must own gold as an “anti-fragile” asset

Louis Gave of Gavekal, one of the world’s leading independent providers of global investment research discusses how your portfolio will be affected by soaring inflation & why you must #OwnGold​.

In this episode of GoldCore TV, we also discuss why we can expect the US Dollar to weaken significantly as the effect of financial stimulus & #MoneyPrinting​ take hold, and why #Bitcoin​ may not be all that it seems.

Louis explains how to prepare for the coming crash by ensuring the inclusion of anti-fragile assets in your portfolio and what exactly is an anti-fragile asset!

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