[GoldCore TV] Silver Short Squeeze and the $1,000 Target – Reality Check!

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  • What is Causing the Short Squeeze
  • What Will Happen Next with Silver
  • Why Physical Silver Wins Over Paper

A spotlight has been shone on the silver market in the past week as the result of a Reddit forum by the name of WallStreetBets. Following on from their followers driving the share of GameStop higher, they have now turned their attention to silver and are calling for a price target of $1,000.


In today’s live episode of GoldCore TV, I am joined by Dave Russell and Mark O’Byrne as we try to cut through the hyperbole and internet memes to explain what has happened in the silver market and how this might yet play out.

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Silver scales 8-year peak as retail blitz continues 

Silver surges as Reddit army targets precious metals 

Silver Coin Sites Seize Up as Buying Frenzy Takes Hold 


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19-01-2021 1843.10 1834.70 1353.20 1347.59 1519.82 1512.89
18-01-2021 1833.95 1833.05 1354.19 1351.32 1520.71 1518.50

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