High-risk food supplements – New Amazon safety requirements

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Amazon are clamping down on the sale of food supplements and will start mandating safety and compliance documents from all vendors and selling partners of food supplements that are determined to be high risk from a customer safety perspective. The new requirements will kick in from November.


“Customer safety has always been Amazon’s priority. Products that are sold on Amazon must comply with EU and local laws, as well as Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings. For certain products and categories, Amazon requests selling partners to submit safety and compliance documentation before the products are listed.”
– Amazon

From food supplements that are marketed as sexual enhancers or those intended to support weight loss, Amazon will require selling partners to submit documentary evidence that those supplements have been manufactured safely and show that pre-market notification for them has been submitted to local authorities wherever required [Spain, Italy and France]. Amazon have full details on how the requirements differ from country to country for the EU and in the UK.

Following a grace period, starting in November 2021, food supplements product listings are subject to removal if Amazon does not receive the requested documentation.

How to submit documentation

  • In Seller Central, click the Performance menu, and choose Account Health.
  • Under Product compliance requests, click Documentation requests.
  • Click Provide documentation or Appeal next to the product.
  • Follow the steps in the Submit required documents section.

Although not all sellers of food supplements are required to submit documentation at this time, they must still ensure that they are compliant with Amazon’s food and food supplements policies.

Sellers can view their compliance status and upload documentation for all identified product listings in Vendor Central and Seller Central.

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