Home Based Businesses to Start During a Pandemic

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Home Based Businesses to Start During a Pandemic


“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”Albert Einstein


The sudden emergence of the coronavirus brought the whole world to a standstill. It has also impacted the world economy, initiating one of the deepest economic recessions in the past decades. Governments all across the geography are trying their best to control the steep downfall graph through their fiscal and monetary policies, created specifically to deal with the present situation. But the damage caused by it is visible in the form of mass layoffs, frozen investments, and dilution of global trade.


The whole scenario has caused a major shift in the dynamics of the market resulting in modified buying habits of customers and emergence of new business opportunities to cater to the evolving needs. You just need to evaluate the feasibility of the business idea you are planning to start and begin your entrepreneurial journey right from the comfort of your home.


Read on as I share the 17 hottest home based businesses to start during a Pandemic.


Online consultancy

With the people locked inside their houses, the online platform has recorded a high spike in traffic. If you have experience in a certain field like business, finance, education, healthcare, and more you can definitely try online consultation. It’s a low investment home-based business idea. All you need is a good internet connection and your skill and you are good to go.


Homemade cloth masks

Wearing a face mask outdoors is the new normal. WHO has given certain guidelines on the production and wearing of the cloth handmade masks. If you know basic stitching, you can try your hands at stitching face masks. Face masks are in great demand and you will definitely get big orders to fulfill the high demand.


Online Fitness Trainer

Due to the lockdown of public places to control the spread of coronavirus, gyms are shut. People are locked inside their houses with little to no physical activity, making them vulnerable to health issues. If you are a fitness freak or an expert fitness or yoga trainer, you can help people maintain their fitness by conducting paid fitness classes. Many fitness trainers are tying up with the wellness apps, which gives them an established platform to reach out to people.


Become a YouTuber

YouTube attracts 44% of the internet users. You can make tutorials on a multitude of topics from recipes to gardening and from SEO hacks to health remedies. You can start your own youtube channel and share your tips, tricks, or talent with people. Who knows you become the next YouTube sensation!


Go for online tutoring

If you are an educationist, the online platform has an array of opportunities for you. You can offer your services by conducting online classes with your existing students and reach out to others to join your class through video conferencing or virtual class platforms.

Alternatively, you can collaborate with websites that outsource subject matter experts to provide coaching to students in various subjects.


5 Great Ways to Create and Sell Online Courses: Passive Income


Consider productizing your service

Productizing your service is turning into a pre-packaged ready to serve consultation module to resolve a specific issue. It is a tested way to scale up and to give agility to your business. It turns your business into a systematic and repeatable process. It lets you do value-based pricing of your service.


Freelance services

It is one of the most sought after home-based business that only requires your skill, passion for writing, creativity, a laptop, and internet connectivity. You can offer your services as a content writer, graphic designer, digital marketing expert, etc. Look for projects on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and many more.


Start your own blog

You can share your thoughts or expertise by starting your own blog. Post valuable blogs consistently. Once the visitors start pouring in, there is no going back and you have a set of loyal audiences too. Read how to start a money making blog.


Presentation and speaking skills coach

People are working from home and attending meetings through video/audio conferencing. Be it students, businesspersons, or other officials, all need to express themselves clearly and impressively to put across their point and to stand out among other colleagues.

If you have professional training in public speaking, then a hot market is ready for you to enter through online platform. You can advertise your service through social media, school, universities forums, etc.

You can even productize your skills into various modules as per your target market and its needs.


Deliver home-cooked meals and delicacies

Given the shutdown of restaurants and malls, people are forced to cook all their meals by themselves. If cooking had always been your passion, it’s time to put your chef cap on and start commercial cooking right on the counters of your kitchen.  You can serve daily meals or sell your baked delights as per your convenience and interest.

Email or message your friends and neighbors about your venture to get your first few customers. Word of mouth plays a big role when it comes to hot yummy food, that too home cooked! You can also make use of your social media and WhatsApp/Messenger Statuses to advertise.


Online Event Manager

The list of new-normal is quite long, and online event management is one of its components. If you have a knock of good organizational skills and you are a party lover, this home based business is for you. Virtual parties are trending and people are hiring online party planners to make their special occasion memorable. As a party planner, you need to invite guests to join a video conferencing at a particular time, conduct fun games, and encourage people to greet the host in a special way.


Soap making

Soaps are the super-heroes of today. They have the ability to wash the coronavirus down the drain. Its time you hone your soap making skills, you once learned from a YouTube tutorial. Find out sellers who sell quality raw material and get going. Try your hands at new fragrances and take the feedback of your customers seriously. Customize your soaps as per the likings of your target market.


Virtual Assistant

In the present situation, when people are struggling to strike a balance between their personal and professional life, a virtual assistant acts as a savior to help them organize and perform their digital duties like answering emails, managing voicemail accounts, social media accounts and more.

You need to launch your website, decide your service niche, and build relationships. Once your pre-requirements are complete, you can start pitching to your potential customers.


Handmade Gifts

If you are a craft lover, it’s time to turn your hobby into your vocation. Do a thorough research of what it takes to set up a home-based gift business. You can advertise your products through social media pages or create your own website. Tell people about your peripheral services like doorstep delivery, customizations as per the occasion and likings of the customers to name a few.

You can invest in a printer and simultaneously sell customized printed t-shirts, mugs, cushions simultaneously to enhance your product portfolio

You can sell your products through popular e-commerce websites like Amazon and e-Bay.


Start a hyperlocal doorstep delivery service

Online buying is the most preferred buying option today. You can earn good profits by starting an on-demand hyperlocal delivery service by making some initial investments.

Collaborate with vendors dealing in groceries, pharmaceuticals, miscellaneous daily need products, stationery, and also build your own network of your customers who could contact you when required.


Resume Writer

Given the large number of layoffs, more people are in search of jobs. Create a few impressive resume templates and convince people that a well-written resume is the first step in hitting a job interview.

Let people know about your services on professional platforms like Linkedin and show them statistics on how convincing resumes enhanced the success rate while seeking jobs.


Virtual old age attendant

You can bring sunshine to the life of the lonely sick people and earn decent money too being a virtual care-taker. You need a good internet connection and networking with a doorstep delivery company.

Due to coronavirus, many old people are forced to stay inside their homes. As a virtual old age attendant, you can stay in touch with such people during the day and on a call, if required, at night.

You can arrange their hospital appointments, conveyance. Send them home-cooked meals and medicines and provide them moral support.


Home-based businesses are the business of the future. They are already gaining popularity, given to their low investment requirements and high ROI, generating annual revenue of $427 billion per year. Don’t let the pandemic be a hindrance in fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams and try these home based business ideas for lucrative earnings.

Home Based Businesses to Start During a Pandemic


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