How much extra money can you actually earn using Beeketing apps?

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It’s always difficult to answer eCommerce merchants when they ask us: “How much money can I actually make with Beeketing?

The reason for this is simple: While there’s no guarantee to make money, there’s also no limit on the amount of money you’ll be able to make with Beeketing apps.

Let’s take a look at this screenshot:

Beeketing sales generated

The 3 numbers you see in the image above:




That’s the extra money Beeketing apps generated for some of our merchants.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to earn $10,000+ every month for living, or you’re just trying to save some extra cash for a rainy day. As long as you’re using Beeketing apps effectively, you’ll be able to reach whatever financial goals you set for yourself.

Let’s take a realistic look at how much money Beeketing apps can generate for merchants

We get thousands of new installs every month. 

While the screenshots above present a promising overview, we also know that not every Beeketing merchant can earn that much extra money.

Indeed, we’ve seen quite a few merchants make less than $1,000 extra sales per month.

Based on our insights from 400K+ online stores using Beeketing, what follows is our analysis of a realistic approach to earning extra money with our apps, along with our recommendations to maximize your revenue with Beeketing.

And we’ll try to do it by answering the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Let’s begin with the most important question.

1. How much extra money can my store earn maximum?

Let’s take a look at VaporDNA – one of the most successful Beeketing merchants – to see how much extra money they earned over the past 6 months with Beeketing:

beeketing sales

The extra amount of money generated by Checkout Boost app for

As seen, the most earned by VaporDNA so far ranges between $326,000 – $453,000 per month. 

VaporDNA is using Checkout Boost to create a countdown offer at the cart page, offering 10% off for customers who’s about to leave their store empty-handed:

beeketing checkout boost

After 7 months using Checkout Boost, VaporDNA has experienced a significant increase in the store’s performance:

  • 38,406 checkout successes via Checkout Boost.
  • Earned $2,6m in extra sales with just ONE Beeketing app and ONE offer created.
  • Conversion rate is at its peak of 18.53% – increased 80%+ compared to the previous period.

Results are impressive.

vaporDNA sales generated from Beeketing

While VaporDNA gets $300K – $400K each month with Checkout Boost, the app just costs them no more than $47 per month. Literally, they don’t even have to pay for the app at all, it pays for itself already.

If you want to try Checkout Boost to replicate VaporDNA’s offer, simply click here to start your free trial

2. How many apps should I use to maximize revenue with Beeketing apps?

According to our database, 82% of merchants who use at least two Beeketing apps – both free & premium apps – earned extra revenue. 

However, only 39% of them earned over $10K every month. 

This number can’t guarantee that you’ll get great money with Beeketing, but given Beeketing’s growing generated sales and the absolute numbers of money our apps generated for merchants, it’s reasonable to believe that you’ll earn more money than you actually do now.

sales from beeketing is growing

The number of sales generated from Beeketing is growing over time

Here’re some highlighting numbers we’ve found when digging into our database of the most successful merchants (who earn at least 10K extra revenue each month):

  • The average number of apps a successful merchant used is 5 – including both free and premium apps. 
  • 59% of them have one thing in common: they install Boost Sales – a smart upsell cross-sell & product recommendations app – to increase average order value on their store by 200%+. Take a look at how Boost Sales works.
  • The average number of Boost Sales offers was created is 9, while Checkout Boost is 3. 
  • Checkout Boost is the best Beeketing performing app till now – in terms of the number of sales generated for our merchants – $3.5mil per month on average.

checkout boost sales generated

Checkout Boost generates $3.5mil extra revenue for merchants each month

  • A typical successful merchant uses Beeketing for 8 months on average. One of our most loyal merchants has been using for 4 years 1 month till now – consistently – on a weekly basis.

These numbers above reveal an interesting fact that you can use Beeketing for several years or just a few months, create one offer or several offers. It doesn’t matter. 

The thing that matters is the number of qualified traffic you get & how you use these apps right to convert those traffic and maximize sales from them.

It brings us to the next point:

3. What should I do to earn more with Beeketing apps?

A few tips based on our insights so far:

3.1. Get app(s) that’s right

We see many Beeketing merchants trying to install as many apps as they can, often end up don’t take full advantage of anything at all.

Some merchants even rush to make more money by installing all Beeketing apps in one single day, try each app for a few minutes then ditch it when they don’t see any sales come in.

It’s OK if you’re able to set up some good offers within a few minutes – because it isn’t a number game. But it’s hard to bring sales if you just set it up then leave it like that without testing and optimizing frequently at the beginning.

Our recommendation: You should choose 1-2 apps that’s right for your needs and consistently test it for at least 3 months. Our successful merchants often see the app starts generating sales since the 2nd month.

Here’re some of Beeketing’s most installed apps of all times:

  • Free apps: Sales Pop (live sales notification & social proof), Countdown Cart (countdown timer, stock countdown bar & social proof). 
  • Freemium apps: Better Coupon Box (coupon popup builder).
  • Premium apps: Boost Sales (smart upsell cross-sell & product recommendations), Checkout Boost (different types of promotion / deals / offers to increase checkout rate).

Side note: We don’t track generated sales from free & freemium apps.

3.2. Try to replicate our best-performing offers

We’ve browsed through our database and presented here some of the best-performing offers:

Rank #1: Countdown offer

This type of offer performs an outstanding conversion rate of 15% – 43.5%. (Conversion rate = the number of offer’s views / the number of actual sales made from the offer)

checkout boost countdown offer

These countdown offers work so well that some stores completely rely on them to prevent cart abandonment (Like VaporDNA in the example above). When this offer shows up, it triggers a sense of urgency on shoppers that make them act now if they don’t want to miss the deal.

Ola.Pet creates this offer with Checkout Boost app

Rank #2: Upsell offers in the form of popups

Upsell offer in form of a popup stands #2 with the conversion rate of 9% – 34% – 17%+ higher than the rate of upsell offer in the form of an embedding widget. We offer both types inside Boost Sales app.

beeketing apps

Upsell offer created by Boost Sales on

We found that offering upsell offers is the easiest way to sell more products…with virtually NO extra work. You just need to turn the Smart Upsell feature on, then the app will automatically do all the work for you. 

Boost Sales uses the same machine learning technique like Spotify – called Collaborative Filtering Model – to find & suggest relevant items that a customer likely wants to buy automatically.

Of course, you still can choose items & suggest them to customers manually if you turn the Smart Upsell feature off. 

Last words

We hope these insights will be helpful to many other merchants out there who’re trying to find ways to increase online sales.

If you’re interested, go get some suitable apps & start making more sales now.

Have questions? Drop us a line at or chat with us right on the chat widget at the right corner of this page. We read and respond to everyone.

Thanks for reading.

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