How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Candy Store

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Last Updated on August 27, 2020

Finding the perfect business name when starting your own candy store isn’t easy, especially if one doesn’t speak to you right away. 

It’s also easy to get stuck and let this hold you back from moving the needle with your new candy store. With so much on your plate, you can’t afford to sit around and wait for inspiration. 

And if you’re struggling to come up with a name, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, I cover essential tips to consider when choosing a name and how to make sure the name you chose is available for use today. 

So, let’s get started!


Tips for Choosing and Finalizing the Perfect Business Name

Before we dive in, it’s critical to understand the basics of your business. Start by answering these questions:

  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • What makes you different from the other candy shops out there? 

Once you clarify the specific niche of your shop, it’s easier to choose a name. 

So take some time to clarify who your market is and what separates you from the crowd. Then, go through these tips to help you get those creative juices flowing. 

Note: Start with brainstorming a master list of words, phrases, and ideas. You can fine-tune your list and choose the top name ideas from there. 

1. Consider the Types of Candy You Want to Sell

Make a list of every type of candy you plan to sell in your new shop. Is there a type you’re particularly excited about? Or maybe there’s something you want to specialize in. 

Take some time to brainstorm ideas based on the particular type of candy you plan to sell, such as homemade taffy, gourmet pretzels, or fine chocolates, you plan to sell and your target market. 

Keep in mind that your business name shouldn’t limit you if you decide to venture into other ideas or types of candy down the road. 

2. Avoid Names That Are Hard to Spell, Hear, or Pronounce

47% of smartphone users use voice search to find business information online. And 44% use it to research products and services. Unusual words aren’t easy for voice assistants, like Siri or Alexa. 

And voice searchers may not be able to find you if you use words that are hard to spell, hear, or pronounce. 

Furthermore, text-based searches may require proper spelling to see the expected results. Improper spellings or difficult words could hinder how often your business shows up. 

So it’s important to choose a business name that’s easy to spell, pronounce, and remember in order for your potential customers to find you. When choosing a name for your candy shop, it’s best to avoid:

  • Intentional misspellings
  • Commonly misspelled words
  • Using numbers in place of letters

3. Avoid Trendy Topics and Buzzwords

Trends come and go. And they usually don’t stay around for very long.

Because of that, it’s important to avoid picking cool names based on current trends. Doing so could date your business in the future when that trend goes out of style. 

Furthermore, try to avoid using buzzwords and industry jargon as well. 

4. Consider Location-Based Terms

If your candy shop is specific to a single location (i.e. a region, neighborhood, city, downtown city area, or country), you can consider using location-based terms in your name. 

Think about what makes the area you’re in unique and brainstorm a list of potential location-based descriptors you can use. 

However, you have to be careful if you go this route. Using a location in your name can be limiting if you plan to expand to new areas down the road. 

5. Running Out of Ideas? Go With the Owner’s Name

If you’re struggling to find a name that fits, using the owner’s name is always an option. This is especially beneficial if the owner is the face and personality of the business. 

It’s common for entrepreneurs to rebrand their businesses to match their first and/or last name. And it works well if the owner’s name becomes synonymous with the company itself. 

However, there’s a downside to this. If you decide to sell your candy store down the road, you may find it challenging to find a qualified buyer since it includes someone else’s name. 

Need some inspiration?

Here is a list of candy store names being used by other businesses.  These are mainly meant to be used for inspiration, but these name ideas may be available for you to use, just be sure to check first.   

Affordable Sweets
Almost Fudge
Always On Time Candy & More
Andy Candy
Aunt Jeanne’s Sweets
Auntie Kim’s Confections
Barb’s Sweet Tooth Shop
Barnaby Candy Co
Bayou Somethin Sweet
Bean & Barrel Confectionary
Beauty Bar Chocolate
Becca’s Sweets
Beck’s Bitter Sweetz
Benjamin’s Candy Co
Big Fan Of Chocolate
Bittersweet Confections
Bon Chocolatier
Brimstone Candy
Brittle With A Bite
Bubbas Sweet Spot
Cali Dreams Candy Co
Cali Girl Sweets
Candied Creations
Candy Affair Candy Boutique
Candy Barn
Candy Barrel
Candy Cane Lane
Candy Cane Sugar
Candy City
Candy Coral Reef
Candy Cottage
Candy Couture
Candy Cove
Candy Factory
Candy Girls Gourmet Sweets
Candy Kravins
Candy Shop
Candy Shoppe
Candy Town
Candy Works
Candy World
Candy Wraps
Candi Have Some
Canny Granny Candies Inc
Castle Hill Chocolate
Celia’s Gourmet Toffee Co Inc
Cherries N Berries Sweet Shop
Cheryl’s Sweet Treats
Chicago Fudge Company
Choccolocco Station
Chocolate Avenue
Chocolate Compass
Chocolate Confection
Chocolate Curtain
Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Heaven
Chocolate Shop
Chocolate Star
Chok The Chocolate Kitchen
Classic Confections
Colorful Candy
Cotton Candy Celebrations
Courtney’s Caramels
Covered Chocolate
Crack’d Toffee Co
Cravin’s Candy Emporium
Culinary Confections
Cynful Sweets
Dandy Candy Corp
Decadently Raw Confections
Dee-Licious Delights
District Praline
Divine Sweets By Debbi
Dolly’s Delights
Downtown Confectionery
Dreamchaser Sweets
Eye Candy
Fino Artisan Chocolate
Gary Gary Confectionary
Gourmet Chocolate Creations
Grandmas’ Candy Shop
Green Green Jellybean
Harold’s Hard Candy
Heavenly Sweet
Holt’s Sweet Shop
Homer Truffle Co
Hot Chocolate Design
House Candy
How Sweet It Is
Humble Hand’s Sweets
Hummingbird Confections
I AM Caramel
I Want Candy
In The Mix Street Sweets
Just Sweets
Kathy’s Simple Sweets
Kingdom Of Sweets
Krazy Kandy
Lash Candy
Laziz Sweets Inc
Licorice Guy
Life Is Sweet Treats
Lola’s Sweet Bites
Loteria Candy Co
Mad Confectioners
Mama Taylor’s Treats
Mama’s Confections
Miss Samantha’s Sweet Shop
Moke Hill Nuts & Candies
More Than Chocolate Inc
Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co
Mr Sugar Shop
My Custom Candy
Namee’s Candy Counter
Nana’s Sweet Treats
Natalie’s Candy Jar
Not Just Fudge
Nutcracker Sweets
Nutmegs Sweets Inc
Old Fashion Colorful Lollipops
Old Time Candy
Old Town Candy Shop
Orbital Sweets
Peppermint Patch
Pink Swirls Cotton Candy
Radiant Chocolates
Rare Candy Productions
Robyn’s Rock Candy
Rocco’s Sweet Shoppe
Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy
Rosie’s Gluten Free Sweets
San Jose Candy Kitchen
Shugar Shack
Shugga Shack
Sifted Sweet Delights
Simple Sugar Treats
Sister’s Sweets
Small Town Sweets
Smart Candy
Smitten Sweets
Snap N Crackle Candy
Snowflakes Candy
Spot On Chocolate
Strawberry Kouture
Sublime Sweets
Sugar Hop
Sugar On Main
Sugar Rush
Sugar Shack
Sugar World
Sugarman Candy
Sugarplum Confectionista
Sugartime Sweets
Sugarush Snoballs
Sunny Morning Sweets
Sunset Bay Candy Co
Swedish Candy Factory
Sweet & Dazzling
Sweet Blessing Treats
Sweet Candy & Gifts
Sweet Candy Karma
Sweet City
Sweet Cone Alabama
Swee-T Confections
Sweet Cravings
Sweet Creations Corp
Sweet Dreams Candy Shop
Sweet Pick & Mix
Sweet Sisters Caramels
Sweet Satisfaction
Sweet Stop
Sweet Surprise
Sweet Taste
Sweet Tasty Treats
Sweet Tooth Booth
Sweet Treats
Sweet Treats
Sweet Zone
Sweets By Mariela
Sweets Corner
Sweets For My Sweets
Sweets In The Kitchen
Sweets It Is
Sweets Of Life
Sweets Unlimited
Taffy Time
Tennessee Truffle
Terpene Confection Co
Tha Candy House
The Candy Bar
The Candy Company
The Candy Store
Timeless Toffee
Tiny Chef Confections
Too Sweet
Treats By Tiffany
Tropical Treats
T’s Confections
Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe
Twins Candy Shop
Uncle Butch’s Fudge
Unique Sweets
Wilde Chocolate
Will Work For Chocolate
World Specialty Cacao
Yes Please Sweets
Yolo Sweets

How to Check the Availability of Your Top Choices

At this point, you should have a list of your top choices. If not, go back to your master list and fine-tune your ideas until you have a few options. 

Now, it’s time to make sure the names you chose are available. There are several places you need to check before making your final decision. 

Domain Name

This is your business’s digital address. So, it’s crucial to make sure your candy store business name is available as a domain name. 

You can do so using NameCheap’s domain name search tool

Social Media

Next, consider the social media channels you plan to use to market your shop. Then do a quick search to see if your business name is available on each platform. 

And keep in mind that you may have to use a variation of your name depending on the channel. For example, Twitter usernames are 15 characters or less. 

Example: Startingyourbusiness isn’t available on Instagram. 

Secretary of State Search (if applicable)

If you plan to register your candy shop as a corporation or LLC, each state requires a unique company name. 

So it’s critical to perform a Secretary of State search in every state you plan to register to make sure your name isn’t already in use. 

In most states, sole proprietorships and partnerships have to register a Doing Business As (DBA) or Assumed Name if they aren’t doing business under their full first and last name.  A few states require them to use a unique name, while others will let you pick just about any name you choose. 

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Trademark search

Lastly, when searching for the store name or brand name of your new candy business, you need to make sure your new name isn’t trademarked by someone else. If it is, you’re legally not allowed to use it if you’re selling products in the same category. 

Thankfully the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) makes trademark searching a breeze. Head to the Trademark Database to start your search. Enter your business name and carefully look through the results. 

If nothing comes up, you’re good to go!

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Another consideration is to consider is the use of your name as a logo. Some names are too long and others may not lend themselves to a good image. Using a catchy logo will help make the name more brandable and look good on company signage, shirts, etc.  


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