How to optimise Amazon sponsored ads campaigns

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Amazon run free weekly webinars to give you the tools and insights to help grow your business on Amazon. An Amazon advertising specialist will be available throughout each of this week’s upcoming sessions which will teach you how to optimise Amazon sponsored ads campaigns and to answer your questions.

How to optimise Amazon sponsored ads

Tips for optimising your budget and bids


  • 24 August 10:30 am BST
  • Level: Intermediate

Discover how to create a budget and bidding strategy that fits both your needs and business goals. Amazon will explore tactics and best practices through hands-on, scenario-based guidance.

Deep dive: Optimise your campaigns with negative targeting


  • 25 August 2 pm BST
  • Level: Intermediate

Amazon will explore how you can use negative targeting to optimise your Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns. Learn the benefits of negative targeting and how to find negative keywords in the Search Term report.

Measure success: Understand your campaign performance throughout the year


  • 26 August 2 pm BST
  • Level: Advanced

Amazon will guide you through the metrics and reports that help you understand how your campaigns performed against your goals, so you can set future strategies to meet and exceed them.

Tips for optimising your keywords strategy


  • 26 August | 10:30am BST
  • Level: Intermediate

Learn how to refine your keyword strategy to get the most out of your campaigns. Amazon will show you how to familiarise yourself with advertising reports, so you can optimise your campaigns more effectively.

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