Instalments by Barclays payment plans come to Amazon

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Amazon customers in the UK now have access to a new, flexible payment method – Instalments by Barclays, helping them to finance purchases of £100 or more on Amazon UK. However it’s not free and if you use this service you’ll be paying 10.9% APR, although promotional rates and interest-free financing may be available at times. There are no account management fees, late fees, statement fees, or other hidden fees.


With Instalments by Barclays, shoppers have greater flexibility to pay for their high value purchases, with financing options available on terms between 3 – 48 months. This includes items from third party sellers like you, although you’ll get paid up front as normal.

How Instalments by Barclays works on Amazon

First time users will select their choice of instalment plan from available term options at Amazon checkout, complete an online application, and in most cases they’ll receive an immediate response from Barclays letting them know whether they’ve been approved, and setting out their spending limits. All lending is fully regulated by the FCA, and Barclays carries out robust credit and affordability checks to ensure that the customer is not given access to more credit than they can comfortably afford.

If approved, customers will find their reusable credit account added to their wallet and available at checkout while shopping on Amazon, allowing them to make repeat purchases without needing to reapply, as long as they remain within their overall credit limit and monthly payment limit.

Payments are automated via Direct Debit, giving customers a simple and convenient way to pay off their purchases on time, and the account can be managed directly through the Barclays App, even if the customer doesn’t bank with Barclays.

“Every day we strive to innovate on behalf of our UK customers. Instalments is one way we will offer customers flexible options, enabling them to choose to pay now or split the cost of larger purchases into budget-friendly monthly instalments. This is a simple and transparent service from Barclays that automates monthly payments, providing greater comfort for customers making bigger purchases.”
– Rob Levy, Head of Instalment Lending, Amazon UK

“This is another major step in our ambition to reinvent payments at the point-of-sale and delight customers. Amazon offers a world-class shopping experience, and this new service gives users a fully reusable payment-by-instalments option, which they can use to spread the cost of purchases over a longer period.”
– Ruchir Rodrigues, Head of Barclays Cubed & Consumer Bank Europe

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