Kimberly Loaiza was the most popular YouTube artist in Latin America in 2021

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The last month of the year starts and with it the famous accounts where brands list the most popular of the last 12 months. On this occasion, YouTube published the lists with the most viewed videos and creators of 2021.


Kimberly Loaiza vía Instagram

Top Popular Videos in Mexico

Kimberly Loaiza is crowned as the maximum female creator not only in Mexico, but also in Latin America, with her 24-hour challenge being parents in Las Vegas with more than 38 million reproductions and the party of her two babies with more than 37 million views.

On the other hand, the Free Fire final reached more than 19 million views, but in general the video games and creators in this category broke records. Podcasts and interviews also gained strength in younger audiences, thanks to appearances by artists like Santa Fe Klan on shows like Tirando Bola or En Cortinas .

  1. I CAN’T FIND KIMA HEAVY JOKE MY HUSBAND # CumpleelretoKIM5 | Kimberly loaiza

  2. Pulling Ball temp 5 ep 13. -Santa Fe Klan

  3. GREAT FINAL Free Fire League! | Opening 2021

  4. In Cortinas # 45: From the neighborhood to the clouds FT. Santa Fe Klan


  6. I’M PREGNANT, I’M GOING TO BE A MOM! Letter to my Mar.-Yuya

  7. I AM NOT FERNANFLOO !! – Omegle

  8. KATIA VLOGS AND I ARE BOYFRIENDS Joke to my brother JD PANTOJA | Cesar Pantoja

  9. FRANCO ESCAMILLA, the PERSEVERANCE of an EXTRAORDINARY MAN | The interview with Yordi Rosado

  10. SANTA FE KLAN (Ángel Quezada) & Scorpion #AlVolante PELOTERO flirting in the street!

Top Music Videos in Mexico

2021 was the year of rap, regional and urban music, where classic sounds were combined with new rhythms. Bottle after bottle , Gera MX ‘s collaboration with Christian Nodal reached the first place as a music video on the charts and the first place in the Top of the main songs globally, with more than 400 million views to date. In addition to the already recognized exponents of Latin music such as Bad Bunny , Rauw Alejandro and Camilo .

In 2021, she consolidated the relevance of women in urban pop music with figures such as Natti Natasha , Becky G , Rosalía , Maria Becerra , TINI and Karol G , the latter the leader in Latin America and whose videos have already accumulated more than 5 billion views. globally in the last year.

  1. Gera MX, Christian Nodal – Bottle After Bottle (Official Video)

  2. KAROL G, Mariah Angeliq – EL MAKINON (Official Video)

  3. Bad Bunny – Yonaguni (Official Video)

  4. Rauw Alejandro – Todo de Ti (Official Video)

  5. Natti Natasha x Becky G – Ram Pam Pam [Official Video]

  6. BAD BUNNY x ROSALÍA – LAST NIGHT (Official Video)

  7. Who do you think you are? – Mc Davo Ft Caliber 50

  8. Camilo – Ropa Cara (Official Video)

  9. The Weeknd – Save Your Tears (Official Music Video)

  10. Marca MP – Already Finished (Live)

Top Popular Creators in Mexico

The gaming world dominates this list. Creators like Mikecrack became an icon of the Minecraft video game, while El Mariana earned his place for the plays and stories created with Roblox. In addition, jokes and comedy vlogs took over the territory with creators like MissaSinfonia .

  1. Kimberly loaiza

  2. Mikecrack

  3. inInvictor

  4. The Mariana

  5. Missa symphonia

  6. Fede Vigevani

  7. Cesar Pantoja

  8. Acenix

  9. Golemcito Games

  10. ElTrollino

Top Creators Revelation

New faces and channels of all kinds and growing were positioned on the 2021 list. Cooking with Ninfa is an expert in the kitchen who shows us the best of her seasoning; Cecia Loaiza specializes in challenges and jokes, while, totally changing the category, CORVII FF , which is characterized by having a romantic side in its Minecraft games, and demonstrating that YouTube is a platform for all kinds of creators Rodolfo Ruben has achieved connect with more than 1.28 billion subscribers by telling and voice acting stories and short stories.

  1. TheNino

  2. Daniela rodrice

  3. MrDs4

  4. Cecia Loaiza

  5. Cooking with Nymph

  6. Rodolfo Ruben Barone



  9. To the Mich

  10. The MarZy

Top Shorts Makers

YouTube’s short video format is looking to gain ground on TikTok with creators such as Palomares Magic , who in a few seconds surprises all his followers with magic tricks and managed to have Shorts with up to more than 4 million views.

  1. Leslie mckenzzie

  2. Chingu friend

  3. Luis Mendez

  4. Yordi Pink

  5. Danny fitt

  6. Palomares Magic

  7. RB playing

  8. Inmagic

  9. Jere Parre

  10. Terbuz


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