Manage Your Experiments now live on Amazon

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Brands can now use Manage Your Experiments on Amazon to experiment with product images, product titles and A+ Content to improve sales by testing two versions of the same listing to identify the most impactful page content.

Manage Your Experiments lets you run A/B tests (also known as split tests) on your brand’s listings content. Experiments let you compare two versions of content against each other so you can see which performs better. At the end of an experiment, you can review which version performed the best and then publish the winning content. By running experiments, you can learn how to build better content that appeals to your customers and helps to drive more sales.

During the experiment, customers that view your ASIN’s content are randomly split into two groups. One group sees Version A of content, while the other sees Version B, for the entire experiment. This means that experiments are not rotating content over time. Instead, both versions of content are always showing during the experiment, but to different groups of customers. Customers in the experimental group will see your content everywhere it is available. For example, an experimental product title will show in search results, on the ASIN’s product detail page and in cart/checkout.

NB Amazon will only let you experiment with high-traffic ASINs to increase the likelihood that you can confidently determine a winner at the end of the experiment.

Manage your Experiments is now live in Seller Central if you own a brand which is on Amazon Brand Registry.

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