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Register for Tamebay Live 2022 Title Sponsor AmazonTamebay Live takes place in three weeks time and you’ll be able to meet Amazon, our title sponsor, in three masterclasses and get your questions answered, so register today and sign up for their sessions to make certain you don’t miss out.


Meet Amazon

25th January 2.35pm

Meet Amazon with Bianca Butler, Marketing Specialist in a session titled ‘Quick tips for more effective advertising with Amazon Ads’. In this session, you’ll learn how sponsored ads can help you increase product visibility, boost sales, and drive awareness and loyalty with customers. We’ll show you how and when to analyse and optimize your targeting strategy to meet your business goals, and get tips for evaluating your strategies against your objectives. Our session will feature a special guest speaker, so you can hear how other advertisers fine-tune their ads and help boost returns. We’ll also save time at the end to answer your advertising questions during a live Q+A

26th January 3:40 pm

Meet Thomas Poulain, Senior Marketplace Consultant in a session titled ‘Learn how to grow your brand on Amazon with our unique tools for brands owners and representatives’. Join this session to learn how you can proactively protect your brand, enhance its presence, arouse customers’ interest and build customer loyalty on Amazon with our tools designed specifically for brands representatives. This webinar will be presented by one of our senior marketplace consultants and will cover Listing Creation, Brand Registry, A+ content, Stores & Vine. We will be joined by an experienced Selling Partner who will share their experience and best practice at using these tools to grow their business on Amazon. Finally we will end the masterclass with a Q&A session.

27th January 11.05am

Meet Oscar Webb, Senior Account Manager in a session titled ‘Expanding Your Business to Europe with Amazon New Cross-Border Fulfilment Programs’. In this session, you’ll learn more about Amazon’s upcoming European Fulfilment Network (EFN) and Partner Carrier Program (PCP), which will allow you to sell into Europe, reaching millions of additional Amazon customers and boosting sales by up to 30%. EFN provides you with the simplicity of fulfilling European orders with inventory located in the UK, while PCP supports you to easily send inventory to one of our European fulfilment centres and deliver orders to customer at the fastest and cheapest rates. We’ll explain to you the details and differences of these two programs, allowing you to decide which one best fits your business goals. We’ll also save time at the end to answer your questions during a live Q&A.

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