Moonshot or Shxt Token? Decentralized Insurance On Smart Contract – ZeusShieldCoin ZSC

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What is ZeusShieldCoin ZSC ?

the next moonshot or another crappy project? Well not sure yet, there has been increased work on GitHub and the ever increasing Defy Crypto market looks for decentralized insurance solutions. More Activity Than Bitcoin or Chainlink ? Why?

Could ZeusShieldCoin bring the solution to personal, business, enterprise and P2P insurance?  Well, not sure but as of 8/10/2020 it has 1,689 commits second only to LISK a $217MM market cap token, compare to market cap of about 430 times less that at $0.5 MM and price of $0.00022147 it surely could be an moonshot, Could it be shittoken, well quite possible, but shit tokens don’t get more activity on GitHub unless something is brewing in the background, new investors, new deals, new partnerships? Who knows, tie will tell but worth keeping an eye on it.

Available on HitBTC among others

zeus shield coin

from white paper
. Zeus Shield System
6.1 System framework
According to the above-mentioned weaknesses and development bottlenecks of the insurance
industry,and relying on the advantages of blockchain technology, we have designed a smart
insurance management system based on the Ethereum platform—the Zeus Shield System. As
Figure 1 shows, the Zeus Shield System primarily comprises four parts—Zeus Shield Coins (ZSC)
of the Ethereum ERC 20 protocol, a database management subsystem, a module management
subsystem and a webpage and smartphone-based Zeus Shield client.
Figure 1 Zeus Shield System (a smart insurance management system based on the Ethereum
6.2 Zeus Shield Coins
Zeus Shield Coin (ZSC) is a token developed on the basis of the Ethereum ERC20 protocol, which
allows ZSC to be conveniently launched onto a key global digital currency exchange platform.
ZSC is used to establish an insurance capital pool and a reinsurance capital pool in order to
improve cash flows frominsurance contracts. This service can be provided to insurersas required.
As this project progresses, the insurance ecosystemwill gradually improve. As the original token
of the system, ZSC will offer more and more functions.
6.3 Database management subsystem
In order to increase the efficiency of data processing based on the Zeus Shield System, all textbasedinformationwill be stored primarilyon the Ethereum platform. Image and video files will be
encrypted and safely stored on a service independent from the Ethereum platform.
ZEUS SHIELD Blockchain
Figure 2 Zeus Shield Database
As Figure 2 shows, the database on the Ethereum platform has four main parts—the insurance
receiving units database, the insurance supplying units database, the insurance contracts database
and the self-defined insurance products database. As the bottom layer of the Ethereum platform is
based on distributedblockchains, the confidentiality, security and inalterability of relevant data in
the four parts can be very effectively guaranteed.

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