One cryptocurrency to rule them all! They launch the JRR Token inspired by ‘The Lord of the Rings’

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“It’s what Saruman would do,” say fans of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, but even the hobbit ‘Pippin’ has already supported the cryptocurrency JRR Token on Twitter.

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It is not news that digital currencies are in full swing and it is not surprising that many want to join the trend by creating their own ‘crypto’. This time, the novelty is the launch of a cryptocurrency inspired by the ‘Lord of the Rings’ saga and its author, JRR Tolkien , which they have christened with the word game JRR Token .

Under the slogan “The only token that governs them all” , the new digital currency is based on Binance Smartchain . On their website , the creators of JRR Token claim that the cryptocurrency is “accessible and fully transparent” with its community, with “generous” benefits for those who invest and for charitable donations.

The starting price is quite attractive: 1,070 per unit, of which they promise a supply of 19 trillion tokens. In addition, their launch offer is very tempting, as they will give away 300 million JRR to the first users who sign up for their application.

The JRR Token already has the support of actor Billy Boyd , who played the hobbit Peregrin ‘Pippin’ Took in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies. Frodo’s ex-adventure partner Sam and Merry posted a video on Twitter in which, while not expressly inviting to buy the cryptocurrency, he did predict that its value will skyrocket “all the way to the moon and back .”

“JRR Token has been created with the aim of having a stable and sustainable cryptocurrency that can be embraced by all the adventurous spirits of the world,” said ‘Pippin’.

The occurrence has not gone unnoticed by fans of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ , who immediately started a heated debate on social networks.

“This is absolutely embarrassing. It is the opposite of all the themes in his [Tolkien’s] work. Cryptocurrencies is Fëanorian arrogance in a big way. It’s what Saruman would do , “said an outraged tweeter.

To which the @TheTokenOfPower account replied: “Saruman was trying to unify Middle-earth under a centralized government where the fellowship wanted decentralization. The cryptocurrency is literally a decentralized network ” .

“Tolkien’s anti-materialist vision, by which he glorified the wonders of living things and the ordinary — ‘stone, wood, and iron; trees and grass; homes and fire; bread and wine ‘, as he would write in’ On Fairy Tales’, his 1947 essay – they fit in with the values of the counterculture, ” wrote another user.

The creators responded to the above tweet arguing that “[Tolkien] also believed in decentralization and abhorred centralized power. Cryptocurrencies are a decentralized platform that hands over power to the people .”

The new cryptocurrency JRR Token may be a highly debatable idea for devotees of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ saga and JRR Tolkien , but there is no doubt that in marketing terms it served its goal: to go viral and generate conversation.

As for investing in this digital currency , it can be as good or bad idea as it was to buy Dogecoin in its early days, when it seemed just a joke inspired by the Doge puppy meme and no one suspected that it would become Elon Musk’s favorite, who would make it rise like foam.


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