QuickBooks and Victoria147 join forces to facilitate financial digitization for female entrepreneurs

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This alliance seeks to offer the necessary resources for women to optimize their financial resources in a strategic and intelligent way.


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The Quickbooks cloud management and billing platform and the Victoria147 business academy for women signed a collaboration agreement to provide support and training in financial administration and digitization to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

With this alliance, both organizations seek to support this sector to accelerate and improve the integration into the digitization of women’s businesses , optimize their financial control and give them the opportunity to have tools so that, based on real data, they can make intelligent decisions and strategic, that allow them to maintain or grow their projects.

“Together with Victoria147, we want to encourage an entrepreneurial culture based on transformation, where leadership and financial planning become increasingly strategic for the benefit of their projects,” said Marilú Páez, general manager of QuickBooks in Mexico.

In this way, the communities of both organizations will be able to better understand and take advantage of the competitive advantages offered by financial technology through various activities such as events, workshops, and educational content to promote their development.

“Through this alliance between Quickbooks and Victoria147, we seek to provide a space for female entrepreneurs from all over Mexico and Latin America to empower their businesses through tools and knowledge that improve the way they manage them. In this way, we will continue to promote the growth and development of female entrepreneurship in the country ”, said Ursula Quijano, Partner and Commercial Director of Victoria147.

You can find the details of the different activities in the channels of Victoria147 , starting on August 10


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