Ripple Partners with Bhutan’s Central Bank to Pilot a CBDC

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The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) – Bhutan’s central bank – has joined forces with Ripple to launch a digital version of its national currency. The institution anticipates the initiative to boost the country’s financial inclusion by 85% in the next two years.


Ripple and Bhutan Shook Hands

The enterprise blockchain provider Ripple announced it would enable Bhutan’s central bank to employ its network to pilot a central bank digital currency:

“Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with Bhutan’s central bank, the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA), who will use Ripple’s CBDC solution to pilot a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in phases.”

By launching the move, the Royal Monetary Authority expects to “enhance digital and cross-border payments and expand financial inclusion efforts” by 85% by 2023. Bhutan – a small land-locked country in the Himalayas – is known to be the only carbon-negative nation across the globe. As such, Ripple explained that the CBDC solution would be a match for its principles:

“Ripple’s commitment to sustainability was important for Bhutan. The CBDC solution is carbon-neutral and, because it’s based on the public XRP Ledger, is 120,000x more energy efficient than proof-of-work blockchains.”

Subsequently, Ripple pointed out that its network would provide central banks with more “control over the issuance, management, privacy, and validation than they would get with public blockchains.”

Ripple’s Previous Crypto Endeavors in Asia

The blockchain-based digital payment network has already stretched its scope to the largest continent by landmass. Nearly a month ago, it joined forces with the South Korean service provider – GME Remittance. The collaboration enabled the latter to connect with Thailand’s leading bank – Siam Commercial Bank (SBI).


The initiative would accelerate and scale payments between the two Asian countries as more than 180,000 Thai nationals currently reside in South Korea. Back then, Subash Chandra Poudel – COO and Director of GME Remittance – praised Ripple’s network as a fast and transparent way to send money across borders:

“We chose Ripple as our partner because with RippleNet we can launch into new countries with new partners within 1-2 weeks. This has drastically reduced the time to market and provides us with an edge compared to our competitors.”

In her turn, Emi Yoshikawa – a top executive at Ripple – noted that people have the necessity “to send money round the clock, even on holidays or weekends.” She highlighted that the initiative would aim to complete those requirements.


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