Royal Mail Sunday Service for parcels trial

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For the first time in it’s five hundred year history, a Royal Mail Sunday Service is to be introduced for major retailers. It will be a parcel only service so don’t expect letters, but honestly who wants their credit card bill and junk mail delivered on a Sunday anyway?


In the next month, a number of retail brands will begin trialling the Royal Mail Sunday Service for parcels across the UK. Royal Mail is currently in discussions with additional retailers about rolling out the service to their customers too. They’re not letting slip which retailers will be taking advantage of Sunday deliveries, but I’m betting that Amazon are top of the list.

The trial is the first salvo in Royal Mail’s move to tap into the seven-day-a-week delivery market as more and more consumers expect Sunday deliveries as part of their online shopping experience.

In the last year, Royal Mail has processed unprecedented parcel volumes, delivering a historic 496 million parcels in the third quarter ending 27 December 2020. The introduction of a seven-day parcel delivery market for major retail customers is one of the ways Royal Mail is responding to the marked increase in parcel volumes and changing customer expectations for more frequent and more convenient deliveries.

The construction of Royal Mail’s second, and largest, parcel hub is also underway in Daventry in the Midlands as the Company accelerates its transformation and manages the growth in demand for parcels. Once complete, the new hub will be the size of more than ten football pitches and have the capacity to process over 1 million parcels per day, making it the largest Royal Mail parcel hub in the UK.

“The UK already trusts us to deliver their purchases six days a week both quickly and conveniently. Now for the first time our posties will be doing the same thing seven days a week. The last year has reset so many customer expectations and the desire for even more convenient and even more frequent parcel deliveries has certainly been one of them. We always listen to our customers, both senders and recipients, and the ask here was clear: we love what you do Monday to Saturday, so please do the same on a Sunday. So that’s what we’re doing, as quickly as possible so we can offer it to more and more customers across the course of this year. It’s another really exciting change delivered by our trusted people and network.”
– Nick Landon, Chief Commercial Officer, Royal Mail

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