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If you are a US-based professional Amazon seller, you can now increase your sales by opening a store on Amazon Brazil and using an Amazon America Unified Account.

Amazon Brazil is a fast-growing store that represents a significant business opportunity with 31.4 million users and +100% year-on-year growth of overall traffic on according to internal Amazon reporting.

Amazon Brazil launched their fulfilment and delivery network in early 2019 with Amazon Prime starting in September that year. Amazon Brazil Prime includes items sold and delivered by Amazon, or by partner sellers, including small and medium-sized Brazilian companies. Customers can take advantage of hundreds of offers on Amazon Brazil, with payment by boleto bancário.

You can quickly and easily expand to Amazon Brazil through a unified account, as you can in Amazon’s Mexico and Canada stores. There’s no registration process required, and you won’t be charged any additional monthly subscription fees for unified accounts on Amazon Brazil.

To get started selling on on Amazon Brazil, the first thing you need to do is to submit your merchant token.

Selling on Amazon Brazil with a Unified Account

With an Amazon America Unified Account you can conveniently switch in Seller Central between,,, and seller tools to list products and manage orders in multiple marketplaces. You have the option to list in one, two, or all three of the available North American marketplaces.

The America Unified Account allows you to more easily:

  • Share listing information and manage your inventory consistently across Amazon’s U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil marketplaces
  • Keep track of orders on multiple North American sales channels in Manage Orders or with one combined Order Report
  • Access tools and services to help you manage your business across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil marketplaces
  • Pay a single monthly Professional selling plan subscription fee for your Amazon America Unified Account
  • Update account information through a consolidated user interface
  • Get paid to your local bank in your local currency thanks to the Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers

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