Silver Squeeze – Buy Silver Not Conspiracy Theories!

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In today’s video we’re talking about the silver squeeze with Miguel Perez-Santalla, the Head of Trading and Sales at Heraeus Metals, one of the worlds largest silver refining operations.

Miguel published an article recently in which he expresses concern about some conspiracy theories circulating on the web with respect to the silver market.

The #silversqueeze​ and #silvershortsqueeze​ movement which has garnered a large and growing following in #Wallstreetsilver​ has been buying physical silver in the form of silver bars and silver coins recently. He explains why certain silver news stories circulating are misleading and are not actually evidence of a silver short squeeze but rather part of the natural dynamics of the market and prudent management.

Miguel believes that there are plenty of reasons to buy silver but that the false conspiracy theories being spread about are not one of them!

Heraeus Metals – World Leading Silver Refiner – GoldCore TV

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17-02-2021 1788.85 1780.70 1289.76 1285.84 1482.78 1479.05
16-02-2021 1823.45 1794.25 1309.78 1292.94 1499.61 1482.23

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