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We are always looking for inspiring stories, talented writers, bloggers and interesting people to feature on MoneyMaster.Guru. We welcome great content creators from all walks of life.


If you have a passion for entrepreneurship, financial freed, cryptocurrency, business, self improvement please submit your content for consideration. Every week we go thru hundreds of articles to be featured on our brand. Will you be the next? Gain Exposure, traffic and recognition, share your knowledge with others and prosper.

When choosing content to feature we look for following characteristics

  • well-written content which is unique, personal, helpful or entertaining
  • intriguing and interesting title
  • An idea we’ve never heard of before
  • An old idea that has been written about before but explained in a new way
  • A captivating/funny personal story (having to do with finance, of course)
  • Helpful tips for achieving personal finance success
  • Well-written (we all make typos, but make sure the post is not littered with spelling errors, and is easy to read)