The Best Practices you MUST Know When Listing New Products on eBay

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The best sellers on eBay have a set of skills you MUST learn to master as well to succeed.

When my business partner and brother Ofer and I started doing eBay dropshipping we had to first find the products that will sell like crazy on eBay. Yet, products to sell are like products you buy from the grocery, to make them more successful you have to “cook” them. Together with other successful sellers which I am constantly in touch with I was able to learn the best practices, secret recipes, that make products into best-sellers. Are you ready to wear the Chef’s hat and cook with me?

The kitchen is ready for you, Chef.

The cooking process

The most important rule of becoming successful in eBay dropshipping is: model what works.

When cooking your success in dropshipping, the general rule that you always have to keep in mind is that you don’t need to invent almost anything. Everything that is successful, is already out there. You can get a great success if you model what is already working.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying copy what works, I am saying model what works. I will get back to this topic many times during the article, so stay with me, OK?

The ingredients of the dropship recipe

There are 5 basic ingredients to each recipe for successfully selling on eBay:

1.The price

The easiest ingredient of the recipe for success is the price. In real life, if two people offer the same product in the same place, probably the one that sells its product for a cheaper price will make the sale. So we need to cook this price somehow:

Reducing the costs

If you have found the best selling product that you wish to model, you might not be able to compete with its current seller, if you try to find the exact same product from the exact same website (let’s say AliExpress) and use the exact same title, unless you sell it for a cheaper price.

So you can look for that exact same product for cheaper than eBay in other websites, if you find it – you can list the same product, with the exact same title, for a cheaper price. But that can lead the other seller to quickly reduce the price a bit, and beat you out of the competition again.

Instead, you can decide to model their success by looking for similar products that are cheaper and try to rank them to the results of the first page as well, if they are cheaper, and similar – they could do the work!

Competing somewhere else

I said before that when two people same the same thing, in the same place, at the same time – the lower price wins. Until now we talked about not selling the same thing, but what about not selling in the same place?

It’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it has to do with the title of your eBay listings.

2.The title

Understanding the role of the title of your product in the eBay dropshipping game is a key to your success. It sets for you the with which products are you going to compete with. This is how it works: when people search something on eBay they use keywords, for example, the results for “Kitchen  Table” are different from the results for “Dining Table”.

You can model the success of the best sellers for the keywords “Kitchen Table” by sourcing same or similar products to them from different websites. You might be able to list them using the keywords “Dining Table” and generate your sales from the people who look to buy a dining table!

I have explained this concept further in the article How to “Hack” eBay Search Engine

3.The product images

They say image worth a thousand words. In eBay dropshipping, a good image can worth a thousand dollars. Usually what you see for product pictures in the product on a white background. Some even say it’s according to eBay policy (I’ve read it, nothing is mentioned there).

Even if it is the “best practice” does it really mean that the white background pictures are the ones that perform the best? No, not at all. You can make a best seller simply by creating the right picture for it.

A product found on the first page for the keyword “Diet”, maybe dropshipped from Iherb?

4.The product description

eBay product descriptions are the most beautiful and unique part of your products. They allow you to tell the story of your product using a colorful, custom-designed template that contains all of your messages.

Your message you want to send to the potential buyers is you can trust me. To do that effectively, you should model what works. Luckily, I know what works: being clear about your shipping and returns policies, using social proof (such as pictures of buyers using the product) and using an easy-to-read, user-friendly and mobile-friendly template. 

5.The product specifications

The specifications of the product are the different technical parameters of the product you are selling. For example, if you are selling a pot for the kitchen, the size in Liters or Ounces is part of the specs of the product you are selling.

There is one incredibly simple rule about product specs on eBay. EBAY LOVES THEM. The more specifications you can provide, the more eBay will push you up in the search results. Yes, as simple as that!


Your kitchen is ready for you, Chef.

Is your knife sharpened? Because I want to share with you something amazing that happened to me in my dropshipping kitchen. A few years ago when my business partner Ofer and I started dropshipping we used to do all of this optimization process to our listings manually, we’ve spent an incredible amount of time on optimizing products before adding them to our stores: We changed the keywords of the titles, created unique images using complex software like Adobe Photoshop (it’s usually used by designers), wrote the descriptions into a template a developer created for us, collected specifications. It really took a lot of our time, and we felt like we can’t grow and scale our business like that.

But Ofer alraedy had plans in mind: he decided no more. He started building DSM Tool, and I quickly joined. We did it because our successful friends in the dropshipping community needed tools that will help them reduce the manual work and focus on what really matters: bring more money home.

The #1 lister that saves you time and makes you more money

The DSM Tool Rapid Lister is the kitchen where you’re going to perform your new chef skills in. Since the day DSM Tool was established, we’ve been upgrading it with more and more equipment to make it from a home kitchen to a Michelin star restaurant kitchen. So you too could work in it on your success.

The rapid lister navigation button inside the DSM Tool platform

Now, you have the perfect way to reduce costs

We have already established that you reduce costs when you model what works by finding the same or similar products to your competitors. To help you sourcing your products, we’ve integrated over 50 websites to DSM Tool. You can dropship from each and every one of them, but more importantly, you can customize DSM to dynamically and automatically work with every website you are starting to work with.

You can set the most important settings for eBay dropshipping per website and they will dynamically setup when you use the Rapid Lister to add new products to your store, according to the website you source from!

Inside your account settings, you can set per source the eBay business policies. You can also set a different text that will appear in your templates for every website. You can set a different break-even percentage for each website you work with. You can even set a different item location and specific monitoring and syncing settings like automatically adding $5.99 for every product under $45 for HomeDepot.

Customizing the break-even percentage per website
Customizing the text for the product description (templates) per website

Now, you get keywords suggestions for your titles

Straight from eBay suggestion algorithm, you are being suggested with hot keywords to use in your titles, so you could rank high for other keywords than the ones you use. The keywords suggestion is also the perfect fit to be used with the Zik Analytics title builder which I explained about in this article

Now, you can create incredible images for your product

It’s easy to upload new pictures to the lister (like the ones that other buyers posted in the product reviews that create social proof that the product is reliable). But to really create an advantage on your competitors you can use the Collage Creator to create magnificent pictures to be your main product image.

When you are selling a few different colors of the same product, why not show all of them in the main picture?

Now, you have a complete automation of incredible looking product descriptions

The Dynamic Template is a feature that contains 30+ templates which are 100% mobile-friendly. They were all designed by professional designers helping you deliver your message loud and clear. You can write a different text for every website you source products from about your shipping and returns policies, and set them up in the templates settings.

So, for example, if you source products from both Amazon and AliExpress you can set up a different text for each website in the templates settings. Then, the Dynamic Template feature will automatically attach the Amazon text to the Amazon products, and same for AliExpress. Moreover, every product you post will get its own beautiful design according to its category on eBay. You set it up once, from there it is all done automatically for you.

One of our high-performance templates, clear policies text at the bottom which you can dynamically setup for each website you work with.

There is only one things left to do, start preparing the meals. At first it might seem hard, no chef has ever started by making a michlen-star level dishes, right? Go on, I did it, others did it too – you can definitely do it as well!


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