The MarketBeat Podcast -Getting Tactical With Rob Isbitts

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In this episode of the MarketBeat podcast, Kate talks to Rob Isbitts of Sungarden Investment. Rob has been an asset manager, analyst and now a financial publisher.
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In this episode, Kate and Rob discuss:

Should you be concerned about investment bubbles?

How should you respond to the threat of growing inflation?

How should individual investors change their approach, given how major indexes have performed?

Why it’s important to understand tactical portfolio management and know how to implement it.

What should investors or traders do at the end of a bull market cycle?

How to think about your portfolio the same way you’d approach a fantasy football team.

How should stock investors incorporate bonds into their portfolios, given how the Federal Reserve has backstopped many areas of the fixed-income market?

How can you use bond ETFs and inverse ETFs as tactical weapons to generate returns and mitigate risk?

What’s the new income investment? How do you get yield in today’s investing environment?

A sector whose chart Rob likes right now, and why.

You can find Rob here: Sungarden Investment 

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