TikTok crazy over Amazon delivery

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It’s not unusual to see an Amazon Delivery, so what drove TikTok crazy over this one? Well the sheer size of the delivery for one thing – not just one Amazon delivery truck but three turned up and proceeded to disgorge a mountain of parcels which was literally higher than the single story residence they were being delivered to.

Naturally this peaked the curiosity of neighbours and these days the thing to do is not to ask questions but to grab your phone and immediately broadcast to the world, and that’s exactly what made TikTok crazy with speculation as to what the parcels contained. Once suggestion was that this was a seller who had been banned and had all their stock returned but others countered this saying that the parcels looked like a regular delivery. With millions of views of the various videos an explanation was needed and it turns out the deliveries were genuine purchases.


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It turns out that the recipient, Lucky Sinz a local Florida business man ordered the goods from Amazon as part of a charity project he undertakes annually and many of the items were destined for local child care centres and schools. The only thing he hadn’t bargained for was everything arriving on one day – he had expected the deliveries to be spread over four or five days and that’s why he ended up with a huge mountain of parcels and became a TikTok crazy sensation. Now he’s busily distributing the goods around his community.

Not all the parcels were for child care and schools, a few he’s revealed contained gifts for member of his community. But still… is this the biggest Amazon order ever. Let us know if you’ve ever seen someone else had a delivery to their house which needed three trucks to deliver?

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