Unit Count & Type required in 100+ Amazon categories

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From the 30th of September 2021, on Amazon’s five key European marketplaces (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES), Amazon will require will require that all product listings for the Product Types include the Unit Count and Unit Count Type attributes, which are used to calculate and display Price Per Unit (PPU).

After the 30th of September 2021, any new listings or updates to existing listings that are submitted without count information will no longer be accepted. This includes all product-level data submissions, whether through Excel templates, Seller Central or feeds.

This change includes any product-level data submissions, whether through Excel templates, Seller Central (under Manage Inventory > Edit > Vital information) or XSD feeds. In key categories (Beauty, Grocery, Health and Personal Care, Food, Beverage, Cleaning Product, and Pet Supplies), failure to enter Unit Count information or ASINs with incorrect values be removed from search. These search-suppressed ASINs will then be available under Fix Your Product in your Seller Central Dashboard.

Amazon say that they are implementing these changes so that they can deliver the best customer experience by using complete, consistent and accurate PPU information that customers can use to compare and evaluate products during their shopping journey.

You will need to submit unit count information, which includes value (unit_count; e.g. ‘5’) and type (unit_count_type; e.g. ‘count’, ‘gram’, ‘metre’, ‘millilitre’ or ‘square metre’).

To help you, Amazon have a spreadsheet detailing ~100 affected categories along with the recommended Unit Count Types.

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