vEGGie Easter Egg to attract vegetarians and vegans to Amazon

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If you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or veganarian, then this Easter Amazon has you covered with the vEGGie Easter Egg, created by luxury chocolatier, Rococo Chocolates. But your eating habits are going to cost you as it’s retailing at £32.95.


Rococo has applied its expert chocolate knowledge to create the vEGGie Easter Egg, a vegan dark chocolate eggshell, one half flavoured with tomato, the other beetroot, accompanied by six vegetable-shaped chocolates infused with three flavours – sweetcorn, spinach, and carrot. While not quite one of your five-a-day, the delicious but surprising flavour combinations offer an alternative for customers looking for something a little different this Easter. The delectable treat is housed in a sustainably sourced box, made in the UK, decorated with Rococo’s signature design.

Rococo Chocolates has been making chocolate for over 38 years for its five stores across London. Now, new for Easter 2021 and created exclusively for Amazon UK, the one-of-a-kind vEGGie Easter Egg is made by hand in small batches in Rococo’s London kitchen using quality, ethically sourced ingredients and crafted with minimal processing to ensure its exquisite taste.

“Flavour is at the heart of our craft, and we always strive to create innovative new products that push the boundaries of chocolate. We welcomed Amazon’s challenge to create The vEGGie Easter Egg, incorporating five popular vegetables with our signature vegan chocolate to make a tasty and intriguing treat. You really can taste the underlying vegetables, and we’re excited to hear what people think about it.”
– Mireille Discher, Head Chocolatier, Rococo Chocolates

“This Easter, we’re delighted to team up with small British chocolatier, Rococo Chocolates, to launch The vEGGie, a must-try for those with adventurous palettes. Whether you’re a committed vegan or fancy a blind taste test with your family, The vEGGie is sure to make it a memorable egg hunt.”
– James Bate, UK Director of Grocery, Amazon

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