Video game company is sued for sexual harassment and discrimination towards its employees

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Research shows Activision Blizzard fosters a toxic corporate culture.

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Activision Blizzard , an American video game company, has been sued by the Department of Equality in Employment and Housing of California, United States, because of promoting a toxic corporate culture towards women , who represent 20% of the force of company work.

A two-year investigation was carried out for the state agency to verify several cases of sexual harassment, unequal wages and other types of hostile acts towards female workers by the men of the company, which is mostly known for owning the Call of Duty saga , Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk Skylanders .

The lawsuit was filed on July 20 in the Superior Court of Los Angeles , it explains that women have been subjected to a work environment in which the “culture of fraternity” reigns where men “drink large amounts of alcohol as they make their way through office cubicles and often behave inappropriately with female employees. “

In the same way, they point out that there are unfair salary gaps between men and women, and that there is a lack of female leadership due to difficulties in obtaining promotions . It is important to highlight the case of a woman who took her own life after photos of her without clothes were shared within the company.

The document includes several testimonies from the workers who assure that the men are dedicated to making sexual jokes and rape openly , to delegate their responsibilities to their colleagues so that they can play video games during the work day and that pregnant women suffer from discrimination .

It is claimed that Activision Blizzard executives were already aware of the situation, allegedly taking the necessary action in the event of misconduct. However, the company says the lawsuit contains “distorted and, in many cases, false descriptions of Blizzard’s past,” according to a statement.


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