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There are many different strategies that can work to finding YouTube success. It’s important to understand this seemingly simple idea if you want your channel’s online marketing efforts to succeed. because if you’re looking for one silver bullet – good luck.

Now with that being said, there are still several methods or strategies that seem to pop up again and again when doing studies on how to increase YouTube traffic. If you want to get the best results for your channel, it’s important any strategies you use meet three different key factors. Skipping even one of these can badly hamper your results.


Factor #1: Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare Some More

Sure, everyone knows preparation is important. Then they assume that 15 minutes of notes or an hour skimming YouTube advice videos counts. Not even close. Preparation is incredibly important to make your YouTube outreach efforts actually succeed.

This means even preparing BEFORE creating content. Because if you don’t have a plan that involves research and proper preparation from the very beginning, you’re not getting the most out of your efforts.

Things to consider in preparation:

– Look at your main audience (who are they, what do they watch, what videos will be most effective on them?)

– Who is your secondary audience?

– Research keywords and commonly searched topics in your niche (fill that need)

– Analyze what your most successful competitors are doing well and copy those strategies

– Analyze what your most successful competitors are doing poorly and beat them in those areas

– Create a consistent marketing message and brand for all videos

These are things that need to be prepared even before the very first video. Once you have this now making smart videos that speak to your ideal audience that provides information and services they need will mean a way more successful outreach and marketing program.

You won’t have to stumble around trying to think of a plan because you’ve done enough preparation to make sure that every single detail has been taken care of even before creating those videos that work together to reach your audience with your brand and your message in a consistent and effective way.

Factor #2: Mind the Details

There’s no question that the content of the video and the quality of sound/information are the most important things when it comes to your videos. Using a video editing service will ensure that your videos are of the highest quality. But if you only optimize those and ignore all the details that surround these videos and surrounding details then you’re making a major mistake.

Video titles are crucial. Use power words, and have titles that really grab attention. Look at character length and do the research to find the best practices for titles. Do the same with tags to your video, and don’t underestimate the power of a couple of well-used hashtags in the description.

Thumbnails Matter

This is important enough to get its own sub-heading. Good eye-catching thumbnails are crucial to getting views. Think about it: the thumbnail is the first preview that people have to your content. While there are “auto-pull” options from YouTube, why trust the first impression to a pull from a random frame?

That is a missed opportunity! Use photoshop, create an eye-catching thumbnail. Use print, use graphics, get attention. Pull those eyes towards your video and you’ll get way more clicks.

Factor #3: Publish on a Consistent Schedule

Publishing consistently matters. This isn’t just because its a tried and true marketing strategy, but YouTube’s algorithm is also affected by how frequently a channel publishes. If new videos are published often and consistently that channel is much more likely to get boost. If they don’t, it’s way less likely.

No matter how well planned the videos are it doesn’t matter if they never end up made and in front of people’s eyes. Having a consistent schedule also means those viewers who have subscribed will know when to expect your new videos. They reinforce your brand’s message to them and all you had to do was keep up that consistent schedule.

This is hard, especially in the beginning. Shooting even short YouTube videos is often far harder than many expect. But sticking to that consistent publishing schedule gets results.

In Conclusion

Whatever your specific marketing plans if it follows these three important pillars, then you are far more likely to get the success that you’re looking for.

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