Zen Mate Hong Kong VPN Review – It’s one of the biggest and greatest

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Zen Mate has been around for quite some time now. You can say that it is one of the VPN services that have grown from nothing to something.

Just like any other VPN service available today, Zen Mate allows you to bypass the restrictions from your government and ISPs. Sometimes, you are not able to watch certain content on the internet because of regional restrictions. At other times, you just want privacy of your information. That’s where a Hong Kong VPN service like Zen Mate can be greatly helpful. Let’s know its pros and cons.

Zen Mate – The Most Highlighting Features

·       A Free Extension for Chrome Users

The best thing about Zen Mate is that it comes with a free extension. It won’t be wrong to say that a free extension for browsing the internet anonymously is all that a lot of people need around the world. Moreover, the company has made sure to provide a long list of servers even for its free users. On the paid versions, you can get seven days to try out the application.

·       More than a Thousand Locations

Zen Mate is the most impressive VPN service out there when it comes to server locations. You will be surprised to know that this VPN is present in more than 74 countries right now and offers you to connect with more than a thousand servers located in these countries. To be precise, the website advertises more than 3800 servers around the world. Is there any other VPN service with these many locations?

·       No Device Compatibility Issues

When a VPN service is as big as Zen Mate has become in just a few years, the company has to offer some device compatibility. You will have to admire this service for its device compatibility. Whether you are using an iOS or an Android device, you can download and install the software with ease. It even works on Windows and Linux. And when it comes to browsers, it is not limited to Chrome. Instead, you can use it on just about any major browser, such as Mozilla and Opera.

·       No User Logs

No logs feature has become a thing with VPN service providers. And just like any other major VPN out there, Zen Mate also adheres to this good trend. When you use its services, none of your activities on the internet gets recorded by Zen Mate.

The Con of Using Zen Mate

·       Expensive One Month Package

Yes, there is nothing wrong with a company creating reasons to make its customers pick a package that lasts for a long duration. However, the difference can be angering at times. Pick Zen Mate for 18 months, and all you pay is $2.22 every month. However, if you pay for one month alone, you have to spend nearly $11 on the same service. That seems a bit unfair.

Final Thoughts

Other than the month-wise pricing, you will not find any other downfall in Zen Mate. It is a complete service and probably one with the highest number of servers around the world. Not to mention, you can experience Zen Mate Hong Kong Netflix VPN through its free Chrome extension for as long as you want.

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